MANTECH Green Solutions and Sustainable Innovations

At MANTECH, we make it a priority to develop green solutions and sustainable innovations, as part of our commitment to the environment and to safeguarding public health. Browse below to learn more about how our key systems offer green solutions.

  • Green chemistry
    • Eliminate dichromate, mercury, and concentrated sulfuric acid
  • Fast COD/BOD analysis
    • Results in 10 minutes
      • Traditional Dichromate COD method takes up to 3 hours
      • BOD method takes 5 days
    • Real Time COD/BOD
      • PeCOD® is capable of online COD/BOD monitoring
      • Operators can access results remotely from a mobile device
      • COD/BOD is analyzed directly at the source, not in the lab
      • Continuous monitoring allows for 24/7 data collection
    • Rapid results enable municipalities and industry operators to make impactful decisions that will protect the environment and public health
    • Climate change goals, to reduce global COD and BOD, can be achieved through effective monitoring and increased process control

In summary, the PeCOD® Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Analyzer accomplishes the following:

  • Hazardous chemicals reduced
  • Energy reduction by end-users
  • Reduction in reagents by end-users
  • Decreased organic loading into the environment
  • Optimized public health protection
  • Green and sustainable, achieves climate change goals
  • 8 MultiParameter AnalysisThe smallest volume and sample cup size required for multi-parameters
  • Less bench space creates a lower “real estate requirement”  and allows you to use existing space for more
  • Less plastic waste
  • Lower transport costs
  • Less reagent use
  • Lowest volume requirement for Automated Turbidity – only 40mL!
  • 60ml BOD bottle capability
  • 10 Minute BOD Estimator Add-On
    • Reduce number of dilutions for samples where BOD is not known
    • Ensure that a valid BOD result is achieved 100% of the time
    • Provide rapid BOD results for wastewater plant operators, leading to confident timely decisions
  • Less chemicals
  • Software is user-friendly
  • Less bench space for more samples
  • Lower transportation costs

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