MANTECH Research and Development Partnerships

Dalhousie Logo We are thrilled to be working with Dr. Graham Gagnon and the team at Dalhousie University in their PeCOD® Analyzer water quality and treatment research. View the latest publications by Dr. Gagnon, Amina Stoddart, Shujie Fu and Bofu Li here.

UoT Logo

PeCOD® Analyzer drinking water study. Read about our collaboration with the UofT for testing a new tool to measure oxygen demand in drinking water in this October 2016 article.

Acqueau Logo Novel Concepts for Recalcitrant COD Reduction in pulp and paper mills. The PeCOD® COD Analyzer has been selected as the only organic monitoring system. Read the full project details here.

McMaster LogoMANTECH is pleased to announce our research and development partnership with McMaster University through the NSERC Engage program.
Watch Dr. David Latulippe discuss the research projects for water and wastewater treatment and see MANTECH’s PeCOD® featured here (25 second clip).

 PeCOD® COD Analyzer pulp & paper study.

HDR Logo PeCOD® COD Analyzer water reuse study, WRF Project 4555.

USAirForce Logo PeCOD® COD Analyzer testing at an Air Force base

SINTEF Logo PeCOD® COD Analyzer drinking water study.

US Environmental Protection Agency Logo PeCOD® COD Analyzer drinking water study

OCWA Logo PeCOD®  COD Analyzer wastewater treatment study at Clarkson WWTP

City Of Guelph LogoPeCOD® COD Analyzer studies for wastewater and drinking water treatment facilities

CDMSmith Logo Practical Monitoring Tools for Biological Processes in Biofiltration. WRF Project 4620. The PeCOD® COD Analyzer has been selected as the organic monitoring system.

U of C Logo PeCOD® COD Analyzer municipal wastewater treatment study

   PeCOD® Analyzer drinking water study.

   PeCOD® Analyzer brewery study.

   PeCOD® Analyzer drinking water study.

   PeCOD® Analyzer drinking water study.

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