RapidDuo Analysis System

MT-100 system for automated titration analysis

System Features – pH Test, Alkalinity Test, Fluoride Test, Conductivity Test

  • Utilizes US EPA ETV verified TitraSip SA technology
  • Rapidly generated results are accurate and precise
  • Galvanic electrode separation allows for simultaneous and separate analyses from the same sample
  • IntelliRinse™ system ensures that the system and probes are clean before moving to the next sample
  • Durable, reliable and rugged
  • Utilizes MANTECH’s easy to use PC-Titrate Software
    • Innovative MANTECH Autorun buttons simplify operation
    • Pick only the parameters required for each sample
    • Up to 16 calibration points for each parameter
    • Complete audit trail and import/export from/to LIMS
    • Built-in quality control system for electrodes, standards, duplicates, spikes etc.

Analyze four parameters in four minutes using MANTECH’s Rapid Duo technology: pH, Alkalinity, Fluoride and Conductivity.

Using two TitraSips allows for quick analysis times that were previously not possible; first conductivity is analysed in the sample tube, and then pH and Alkalinity are analysed in the first TitraSip, while Fluoride is analysed simultaneously in the second.

Visit MANTECH's resource database for more info on multi-parameter and titration analysis systems