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Automated Conductivity, pH & Alkalinity

Conductivity, pH and alkalinity are important water tests common to all commercial and government environmental testing laboratories. Conductivity (SM 2510 B) is an excellent indicator of water purity, and can be used to estimate Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Salinity of a sample, or to monitor a natural water source for contamination and pollution. pH (SM 4500-H+ B) is an essential parameter for a wide variety of industries including pharmaceuticals and agriculture, and is often a key component of wastewater monitoring for regulatory purposes. Alkalinity (SM 2320) refers to the buffering capacity of a solution, or the ability to resist change in pH, and is used to monitor water quality for surface and saline waters, treatment facilities, swimming pools, cleaning systems, agriculture, and environmental regulatory purposes.

MANTECH provides systems for automated conductivity, pH, and alkalinity analysis in an efficient and reliable manner. All of our systems conform to EPA, ASTM, ISO and Standard Methods. Automating conductivity, pH and alkalinity improves quality control and increases profit by decreasing costs and time of analysis. By following regulatory approved methods, the MANTECH MT-Series Automated Titration Systems have improved the operational efficiency of over 1,500 environmental testing laboratories by providing configurations that meet their requirements. Whether the laboratory has 10 or 500 samples per day, there is an MT-Series configuration to meet the needs of throughput. Along with cost per sample reduction, the systems provide quality, trusted results that are audit proof. The average return on investment (ROI) ranges from a few weeks to months depending on the size of initial investment. Millions of dollars in added revenue have been realized by MANTECH customers worldwide. View the 21-day ROI analysis in the Eurofins case study here.

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Automated conductivity, pH and alkalinity tests performed on source water samples

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