Automated Systems Relieving Workload at Municipal Laboratory

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With customers in more than 52 countries providing over 600,000 results per day, MANTECH automated systems are globally recognized for their ability to provide fast, accurate and green water and soil quality testing solutions.


We’re There for You Even When We Can’t Be THERE

In June of 2021, our team worked remotely to help the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in Port Elizabeth, South Africa install their third MANTECH system, an MT100. Our team worked closely with a local distributor in South Africa to install the hardware, fine tune each method, and achieve passing quality controls. Our team is no stranger to working remotely as MANTECH, in addition to offering remote system installation, offers remote preventative maintenance services and product support. This remote model is a time and cost-effective means of getting your team trained on operation and maintenance of your MANTECH equipment, while also having the confidence provided by the direct video-based support of our system experts. Learn more about our remote offerings here.

“To date MANTECH staff has always been attentive and accommodating to our requirements, they provide effective support whenever needed. Working with MANTECH has been a positive and rewarding experience. I would recommend their products every time for instrumental wet chemistry analysis.” – Colleen Robinson, Senior Laboratory Analyst, Scientific Services, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality


One System, Multiple Parameters

The team at the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality have expressed their satisfaction with MANTECH automated systems noting their accuracy and robustness as well as the system’s expandability and flexibility to meet the laboratories current and future needs. Their extensive set up includes eight parameters (including pH, Conductivity, Alkalinity, Turbidity, Color, Ammonia, Nitrate, Fluoride). The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is an extremely busy laboratory running water and wastewater samples on a nearly 24/7 basis. Their third MANTECH system, a MT100, is helping to relieve the workload of their limited staff by reducing required sample sizes, turnaround times and more as they receive thousands of samples a week for analysis.

“We are currently utilizing three MANTECH MT-Series systems for automated analysis…The various multi-combinations of parameters have served us well in our daily analysis of large quantities of samples received from the various water and wastewater sources throughout the city. The large unattended overnight, multi-parameter runs with rinsing protocols has reduced turnaround time and provided our laboratory with large throughput solutions.” – Colleen Robinson, Senior Laboratory Analyst, Scientific Services, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality


Our team is already working on supporting the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality with another MANTECH system, an MT3 analyzer. The installation at the South American facility is yet another excellent example of MANTECH bringing laboratory operations to the next level!


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