Dr. Graham Gagnon Appointed as Associate Vice-President Research

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Dr. Graham Gagnon is Appointed as Associate Vice-President Research

MANTECH is pleased to congratulate Dr. Graham Gagnon on his appointment as Associate Vice-President Research, commencing July 1, 2018.  Dr. Gagnon is the Director of the Centre for Water Research Studies (CWRS) at Dalhousie University.  MANTECH is an active industry partner to the CWRS and has worked closely with Dr. Gagnon on the application of the peCOD technology.  The valuable research outcomes produced by the CWRS and integrated into industry, are testaments to Dr. Gagnon`s research acumen.  The CWRS has enabled MANTECH to enter a new market in the source and drinking water field.  Dr. Gagnon`s group led the development and release of a new ASTM International Method, D8084, based on the peCOD technology.  The new method is intended for drinking water professionals for improved natural organic matter monitoring.  It offers improved sensitivity and range of measurement versus Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and UV254.  The research centre’s strong partnerships with industry will certainly be a benefit to Dalhousie research and development activities going forward.  Congratulations Graham!

For more information on ASTM International Method D8084 click here.

For more information on the projects that Dr. Gagnon’s research team is involved in, please read here.




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