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In summer of 2017, Innovation Guelph featured MANTECH, with CEO Robert Menegotto discussing MANTECH’s automated water and soil analysis systems, as well as the proprietary PeCOD COD technology. MANTECH’s mission is to be the market leader in creating water and soil analyzers, in generating the highest quality results in the shortest amount of time, and in green innovations with the goal of enabling its customers to have significant positive economic and sustainable impacts on their businesses and communities.

Based in Guelph, Ont., Canada, MANTECH manufactures innovative water quality analysis systems that help industrial facilities, laboratories and utilities deliver clean, safe water and protect the environment. MANTECH’s portable, online and laboratory systems are easy to use and deliver fast, accurate results without the use of harmful chemicals, providing sustainable water quality solutions that are trusted in more than 40 countries. MANTECH systems analyze thousands of samples every day in industrial and municipal wastewater facilities, pulp and paper mills, food and beverage manufacturing plants, laboratories and municipal drinking water treatment plants. MANTECH systems enable utilities and industry to make impactful decisions that deliver profitability and sustainability while protecting the environment and public health. Learn more about MANTECH analysis systems.

See below for a excerpt from Innovation Guelph’s press release on MANTECH in February 2017:

In particular, the company’s new PeCOD system for analyzing chemical oxygen demand (COD) is a potential game-changer. It’s a unique, nanotechnology-based approach to measuring the amount of oxygen required to oxidize soluble and particulate organic matter in water. COD is used to assess the effects that waste water discharged from a factory or water treatment plant will have on the rivers and lakes that receive it. Higher COD levels mean higher amounts of organic matter in the water, which reduces dissolved oxygen levels and can harm aquatic life.

Conventional COD testing uses dichromate and mercury — both toxins — and takes about three hours. MANTECH’s PeCOD system provides accurate results in less than 15 minutes without the use of harmful chemicals. PeCOD was recently approved by Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change as a green and fast method for measuring COD.

Menegotto says the PeCOD system has additional advantages over other tests such as Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and UV254 that measure organic matter but cannot identify the changes that occur during treatment. It’s also available in portable, laboratory, automated and online configurations, providing the flexibility to suit a variety of customer needs. And while Mantech’s initial focus was on industrial waste water, the technology is opening up new opportunities on the drinking water side of the industry.


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