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April 1, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

The global impact of COVID-19 is sobering and fluid.  The news reports, outbreaks, Government actions, etc. are too numerous to keep track of.  In this environment, our health care professionals are on the front lines protecting us, and doing their best to protect themselves and their families.  A BIG Thank you!

We are hearing the term Essential Services more and more.  The definition of essential services, therefore, required to be open and operating, varies State by State, Province by Province and Country by Country.  It can be confusing, however, there is no doubt that the delivery of safe drinking water is essential!  Without this, complications of COVID-19 in a nursing home outbreak are further complicated, hospitals will be challenged in their care of patients, the factory building the ventilators cannot provide easy access to drinking water, and so on.  Thank you to everyone tasked with delivering, and testing, safe water.

There are many questions and publications around COVID-19 and water quality.  Here is a selection of COVID-19 resources for the water sector:

US EPA Coroanvirus Information
FAQ’s about COVID-19
How a Pandemic Impacts Water Service Delivery
Pandemic Incident Action Checklist
American Water Works Association (AWWA) COVID-19 Information
Water Environment Federation (WEF) COVID-19 Information

Our Team continues to supply product and support to the essential water delivery, and water testing services, around the world.  We sincerely appreciate your investment and trust in MANTECH Systems.

We wish you, your family and team, safety and good health.

Robert V. Menegotto
President and CEO


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