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April 8, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

As we approach our Holiday Long Weekend, it is even more apparent that these times are like no other we have ever experienced.  Today I listened to a firsthand account from a Nursing Home Director about their challenges.  We have much to be grateful for.  Our Essential Health Care Professionals are working tirelessly to assess and treat those most affected by the coronavirus disease, with the risk of becoming infected themselves. These heroes do not get a Holiday long weekend.  To assist their efforts, it is paramount we all follow our Government’s directive to stay home protecting our families and communities.  We sincerely thank our Health Care Professionals for their service.

I want to update you on MANTECH’s efforts to keep our valued employees safe.  Our customers deliver essential services.  It is our employees’ strong efforts to deliver high quality water analyzers that ensures our customers continue to test and deliver safe water.  MANTECH employees who can work at home, are at home.  Our employees involved in manufacturing, quality control and shipping are in the office and factory, however the number of personnel is kept to a minimum.  We are isolated to our own areas maintaining more than the recommended social distancing.  We have instructed our employees to support our customers from the office using all remote technology available to us.  This is for the protection of our employees and their families, your staff and their families, and our communities.  We trust you understand this and ask for your flexibility in delivering remote support such as online training, live video interactive service, installation support via live video and our online library of technical documents and videos.

It continues to be a privilege and an important responsibility to provide essential products and services to our customers.  We appreciate the investment and trust you have made, and continue to make, in our MANTECH analyzers.

Finally, I want to thank our employees.  I am thankful and impressed by their commitment in providing the products and support required by our customers.  Our employees are worried about this pandemic, and they are working extra hard to be extra hygienic following social distance guidelines while doing their job.

Stay Well.

Robert V. Menegotto
President and CEO


PS: A unique chart titled “Who do I want to be during COVID-19” was sent to me today.  I thought I would share as it provides food for thought.

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