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April 15, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

The strong efforts of our health care professionals continues to be emphasized.  They are working tirelessly to protect us.  We now also understand the essential services our food industry provides.  The clerks and packers are exposed to the public everyday.  We thank all these essential personnel sincerely for their service.  I am pleased to share a goods news story that links our health care professionals with grocers – GroceryHero Canada.

You are delivering essential water treatment and testing services that are critical to healthcare delivery and the food supply.  If the water delivered cannot be trusted how can the hospitals sterilize items, food be washed, nurses and doctors wash and scrub their hands, and all the essential personnel and patients have a refreshing drink of tap water.  This is a critical link in the fight against COVID-19 around the world.

We are fortunate in our cities that we have committed operators, engineers and scientists working in the water industry, however, we still find that in the USA there are areas with no water.  In Canada, there are many first nation communities under a boil water advisory and in India, water scarcity is still a major challenge.  I have provided the following links to highlight this.
Americans without Access to Water
First Nations Community Water challenges
India and Water Scarcity

At MANTECH, we continue to deliver the valued parts and systems you require for water quality testing.  We learned recently:

  1. The  MT Systems ensure water laboratories keep up with their sample testing even with  decreased staffing due to COVID-19.  An EU commercial lab generated more than 5,000 results in one week in March on a single MT Analyzer.  MT analyzers are trusted and will work 24/7.
  2. The PeCOD analyzer detected a BOD spike at a factory where an unknown cleaning agent was used, thereby enabling operators to act on the effluent infraction.  Factories and Municipal WWTP’s are looking for a better & faster BOD5 test, therefore, the real solution to improve BOD is PeCOD, literally in minutes.
  3. The PeCOD is assisting our drinking water operators to quickly monitor reactivity changes in their source waters ensuring effective treatment and delivery of valued drinking water to our taps. A Midwest utility identified PeCOD’s simplicity coupled with improved sensitivity over TOC making it the perfect tool for detecting changes in natural organic matter (NOM) and adjust their process.  It is also why PeCOD is used for oil pipeline leaks into watersheds by Governments.  PeCOD detects changes related to hydrocarbon contamination versus regular NOM, even at low concentrations.

It continues to be a privilege and an important responsibility to provide essential products and services to you.  We appreciate the investment and trust you have made, and continue to make, in our MANTECH analyzers.

Stay Well.

Robert V. Menegotto
President and CEO

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