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MANTECH is proud to announce the release of the IntelliVol™ system

IntelliVol™ is an innovate method for automated, accurate, and rapid sample volume measuring. Users can free pour samples into tubes or cups using this add on for the MT-Series. This method uses a fixed needle at a specific height to aspirate the sample to a specific volume, rather than pipetting. It is available for MT-10 and MT-30 Automated Titration and ISE analyses with AutoMax Samplers.


Figure 1. IntelliVol™ system is available for MT-10 and MT-30 Series Autotitration and ISE Analysis Systems.

IntelliVol™ works with all types of sample vessels including cups, tubes, and bottles. Using the MANTECH software the sample volume is easily adjusted by precise control of the AutoMax sampler Z-arm height. Volume is effortlessly calibrated by using masses or standards, and it is all completed utilizing the MANTECH software! It is utilized in titration and ISE methods supported by MANTECH, all approved by Standard, ASTM, EPA and ISO Methods.

IntelliVol™ is applicable with many parameters including but not limited to: automated alkalinity, fluoride, hardness, and chloride. It can also be combined with turbidity and color measurements, providing a full comprehensive water analysis suite of parameters . It is particularly useful for very dirty samples that contain significant suspended solids.

Automated alkalinity with IntelliVol™ provides high quality results that are similar in performance to those generated by the US EPA ETV verified TitraSip™ with automated pipetting (MT-100 Model). Alkalinity standards of 10, 100, and 1000 ppm were measured and the following results were obtained:

It is evident that the results are accurate and precise, and comparable quality delivered by the TitraSip™.

MANTECH has thousands of analyzers operating in environmental and soil testing laboratories, generating >500,000 results every day.  The analyzers are trusted by accredited laboratories and factories to deliver high quality results that protect the environment and public health while optimizing the performance of operations.  The IntelliVol™ innovation continues in MANTECH’s mission to protect the environment and optimizing your results!

For more information, click here to watch a short video, or click here to view the application note.


Laura Martin, Quality Control and Research Chemist

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