New PeCOD L50 Model: Robust, Low-Cost, Green COD

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MANTECH is pleased to announce the release of the new, low-cost PeCOD Analyzer model, the L50. The new model has all the functionality of the L100 in a sturdy steel frame, with improvements in fluidics handling and space requirement. The L50 utilizes the same peCOD method, reagents, and software as the L100; upgrading is quick and easy! The L50 Analyzer is available in a variety of configurations that use the same innovative technology and method. peCOD combines robust performance and flexibility to suit the needs of your laboratory or process operation.

L50 PeCOD Analyzer with Sample Tubes and Pipette

Download the L50 PeCOD brochure for Drinking Water and Wastewater applications.

Download the L50 PeCOD Technical Specifications.

The revolutionary PeCOD® COD Analyzer technology provides accurate chemical oxygen demand (COD) results in 10 minutes or less — without the use of harmful chemicals including dichromate and mercury. Highly adaptable for wastewater and drinking water applications, the PeCOD® COD Analyzer’s patented nanotechnology-based approach to COD analysis will save you time and money while protecting the environment and the health and safety of your workers.

PeCOD® COD technology is a proven performer in a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater applications. Recent studies have shown a strong correlation between the 10 minute peCOD method for testing chemical oxygen demand (COD) and standard dichromate COD (CODCR) and five-day BOD (BOD5) methods. In most cases, peCOD can be used as a BOD screening tool, providing accurate BOD estimates in just minutes versus several days.

peCOD is the fastest available method for quantifying oxygen demand (OD), providing operators with real time data needed to make timely, impactful decisions that enhance environmental protection while generating substantial savings on chemical and energy use. It offers a low detection limit (< 1 mg/L) with results generated in 3-5 minutes for natural and treated water. The peCOD method measures the chemical reactivity and associated oxidative changes in Natural Organic Matter (NOM). As a result it is more sensitive than Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and UV254 to changing NOM concentrations in source and treated drinking waters.

L50 PeCOD Analyzer with Bottle Top Dispenser and Samples


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