Oland Brewery Invests in PeCOD® COD Analyzer for Faster & Safer COD Test

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Oland Brewery Invests in PeCOD® COD Analyzer for Faster & Safer COD Test

A Benchtop L100 PeCOD® COD Analyzer was recently installed at Oland Brewery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in their wastewater treatment facility.  Treatment operators were using the conventional dichromate method for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) analysis (CODcr), which takes approximately 3 hours to obtain a COD result.  The long analysis time of the CODcr method is one reason that Oland Brewery invested in the PeCOD® COD Analyzer.  The peCOD (photoelectrochemical Chemical Oxygen Demand) method can produce a COD result in less than 15 minutes.

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Treatment operators at Oland Brewery appreciate the fast peCOD analysis time, which permits better daily preparation of the treatment process.  Operators now have a peCOD result within the first 15 minutes of their shift.  Previously with the CODcr method, they would not have a result until 3 hours later, well after their regular morning meeting.  With the CODcr method, operators found it challenging to adjust the treatment process to respond to the changing CODcr levels.  By having the peCOD result in under 15 minutes, operators can efficiently adjust the treatment process and ensure sufficient treatment for the changing wastewater conditions.  Having the faster peCOD result has even encouraged operators to do more frequent testing.  With closer peCOD monitoring, there is potential for process improvements that add to profitability, further improving the unit’s return on investment.

Mantech's Benchtop L100 PeCOD COD Analyzer at the Oland Brewery

MANTECH’s Benchtop L100 PeCOD® COD Analyzer at the Oland Brewery

The peCOD method employs a titanium dioxide nanoparticle which acts as a strong oxidizing agent when subjected to UV light. It oxidizes virtually all organic species, giving a true measure of COD.  In addition to reducing COD analysis time to minutes, no harmful chemicals are required. The PeCOD® COD Analyzer provides reliable information while improving the health and safety of workers and protecting the environment.

Read more about how brewers are using peCOD to improve wastewater management here.  To learn more about the PeCOD® COD Analyzer technology, visit the homepage, or contact support@mantech-inc.com

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