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Understanding the Challenges of Wastewater Management

According to recent statistics, most of Canada’s breweries are small, local operations, with 94% producing less than 15,000 hectolitres of beer. As one of the fastest growing sectors of the food and beverage industry, small breweries support local economies by creating jobs and contributing to tourism. Time and time again, MANTECH has seen many passionate brewers facing the unanticipated diversion of crucial resources from core brewing activities to wastewater management. The main challenge associated with wastewater management in the brewing industry is related to Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids. BOD is a test performed to measure the potential of wastewater to deplete the oxygen level of receiving waters. Municipal wastewater BOD typically ranges from 150 to 300 mg/L, while the BOD of untreated brewery process wastewater can exceed 3,000 mg/L! Breweries can produce five to ten litres of wastewater for every litre of beer packaged and sold – which often accumulates to the equivalence of adding another small town to a municipality’s water treatment burden. As you can imagine, the high volume of highly concentrated BOD wastewater, often overwhelms local wastewater facilities. As a result, breweries face increasing pressure from municipal governments to reduce their impact, which in most cases leads to hefty compliance surcharges if the issue is not properly addressed.

How Can We Help?

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Barrie, Ontario added a Benchtop L100 PeCOD® Analyzer to their in-house laboratory for these exact reasons:

  • Reduced wait times – fast and accurate results in 10-minutes! Compared to standard BOD tests which take a minimum of five-days.
  • Improved efficiency – real time data will allow your team to make timely, impactful decisions to generate substantial savings on chemical and energy use.
  • Avoidance of compliance surcharges
  • Easy to use – The Flying Monkeys’ team describes PeCOD® as very user friendly and their team was able use the system quickly and effectively right away.
  • Safe, green chemistry – unlike traditional analyses that use hazardous chemicals (dichromate, mercury, etc.), PeCOD® uses higher oxidizing power and none of the risks associated with harmful chemicals. Not only protecting operators but also the product (beer) from potential contamination, either accidental or intentional.

Most significant to Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery, PeCOD® has assisted them greatly in bringing awareness to all their operators on how their water usage during brewery activities can influence the overall picture of their end effluent. As the amount of their beer production has increased during the last few years, keeping excess water consumption volumes minimal has proven to be valuable to their business.


Put the hop back into your step (and beer) and direct your focus back to what you love to do – brewing beer!

Cheers, from MANTECH



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