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In 2015, the NOMiNOR project (Natural Organic Matter in Nordic drinking waters) was conducted by a number of academics, municipalities, and treatment utilities in Norway to address growing concerns with Natural Organic Matter (NOM) and the inability of commonly-used instrumentation to provide proper feedback on it. One stage of the project was a direct comparison of PeCOD technology to DOC, a common parameter. The peCOD (photoelectrochemical oxygen demand) method performs a rapid advanced oxidation on a small aliquot of sample, resulting in a highly accurate determination of ‘reactivity’ or ‘oxidizability’ of the NOM. Comparatively, DOC is simply quantifying the conversion of carbon to CO2 through oxidation.

The NOMiNOR project came to the following conclusions about the PeCOD/DOC comparison:

  • PeCOD is more sensitive than DOC
  • PeCOD measures soluble COD in source and treated drinking waters
  • PeCOD can be automated
  • PeCOD can be used as a portable field analyser
  • PeCOD can be used on-line
  • PeCOD is a viable alternative to DOC for NOM monitoring

View the slide show summarizing the project findings so far.

You can learn more about the project by visiting the project homepage, or this summary article by the University of Oslo, a large contributor to the project.

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