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MANTECH has a long tradition of hiring university students under co-operative (co-op) education programs. The students provide valuable work for MANTECH and they learn real world applications, including research and development activities.  This R&D work leads to new products and applications, used by new and current customers.

The most recent co-op term involved 5 students from the University of Guelph, as pictured above with their supervisors, and MANTECH President and CEO.  Since completing multiple co-op terms at MANTECH, 3 students have returned to the University of Guelph for their program studies, while 2 students have continued on at MANTECH.  The summer of 2018 saw the largest group of students employed at MANTECH at one time.

The University of Guelph students: William, Elliott, Haniya, Peter, and Anthony worked on several projects, including the following:

  • IntelliVol™ technology, which provides calibrated volumes for alkalinity and other titration applications, such as: chloride and hardness.  The technology will decrease the cost of automated sample determination, as well as eliminate the need for manual pipetting of samples.  This is now an available product for our customers!
  • Surface water project on characterization of organic matter of our local waters, including: Guelph Lake, the Speed River, and the Eramosa River. One aspect of the study was a predictive algae method utilizing PeCOD following the ASTM International Method D8084
  • General manufacturing activities, such as: the assembly of PeCOD units and associated reagents
  • Analyzing samples from customers with the PeCOD instruments
  • A method range and detection limit study for PeCOD
  • General quality control activities, including: testing pH and fluoride electrodes, checking buret and TitraSip™ dispense volumes, verifying new PeCOD builds, and certifying PeCOD reagents
  • Software development of the PeCOD Pro software for online and automation versions

The students learned first hand about the PeCOD method– a fast, green, and safe alternative to chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and “optimized” total organic carbon (TOC).  They also worked on automated alkalinity and chloride titrations, robotics, and software coding and debugging.   We were very pleased with our students.  They all worked on projects that will be, or are already being used, by customers.  This is a significant achievement. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.  They will do well!

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