BOD Mini™ – Biochemical Oxygen Demand Analysis System

Autosampler with a rack containing 11 Biochemical Oxygen Demand bottles and a mini dilution pump.

This small automated system is ideal for a laboratory that analyses a small number of samples per day. Get all the benefits of a PC-BOD™ system in a smaller size.

System Features

  • Automates the 5-day and 7-day BOD standard analysis methods
  • Follows Standard Methods and ISO Methods
  • The smaller autosampler reduces the purchase price significantly
  • Analyze BOD and CBOD in the same run
  • Automates up to five pumps for rinsing, dilution water, seed, spike, and inhibitor/ATU, eliminating the possibility of human error
  • Use either polarographic or luminescence probes
  • Flexible and easy to use PC-BOD™ software

Visit MANTECH’s resource database for more info on BOD analysis systems