Maintain Your MANTECH

To keep your MANTECH system in top shape for years and years to come, MANTECH recommends regular service and maintenance. MANTECH offers a wide range of services to ensure your MANTECH system is optimal performance including:

  • Preventative maintenance (on-site or remote)
  • Extended warranty
  • Module repair
  • On-site service visits
  • Urgent remote support
  • Module exchange program
  • Loaner equipment
  • Moving and re-installation

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Preventative Maintenance Options

Reduce Risk of Downtime and Optimize Operation

Annual maintenance is recommended to MANTECH system to ensure optimal performance and trouble-free operation. Preventative maintenance visits include inspection, cleaning, calibration, and replacement of consumable parts (included in MANTECH’s PM kits). MANTECH offers flexible single- and multi-year options for one or multiple customer’s systems, including:

On-Site Preventative Maintenance

A member of MANTECH’s team of regional Technical Representatives located throughout the U.S. and Canada will come on-site to interact face-to-face with your team and perform all necessary maintenance to your system.

Remote Preventative Maintenance

A MANTECH representative will remotely connect with your team to provide a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of system maintenance to same quality of an on-site visit.

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  • 5% discount on PM service parts

  • 15% discount on additional serviceable parts during scheduled PM visit

  • 15% discount emergency visits, in-house service and loaner modules

  • Complete evaluation of methods, as required

  • Perform software maintenance, as required

  • Additional training if required (time permitting)

  • No charge telephone and web-based support

For added peace of mind, ask about out extended warranty options!

Extended Warranty

For Added Peace of Mind on Your Investment

As a standard, MANTECH instruments are warrantied for a period of one year. For added peace of mind, MANTECH offers single or multi-year extended warranty options for coverage of one or multiple of customer’s systems.

Included With Your Extended Warranty:

  • Annual preventative maintenance visit
  • NO charge telephone or remote support
  • NO charge loaner equipment
  • NO charge replacement parts
  • NO charge repair of faulty equipment

Emergency On-Demand Services

MANTECH systems are often referred to as ‘workhorses’ and one customer even said they’re “built like a tank!” however, we understand customers may require assistance from our team. Our highly trained support team is here to help with on-demand services, loaner equipment and exchange program to ensure you do not experience downtime.

Urgent Demand Repair

For immediate support, MANTECH offers remote connection live to perform a diagnosis. Ultimately, at the discretion of MANTECH and in consultation with the customer, MANTECH will determine the best course of action and develop a plan (utilizing remote tools and in-field representatives) to get you back up and running.

In-House Demand Repair

Ship your module to MANTECH for diagnosis and repair by our in-house technical team. To mitigate any downtime while our team is working on your module, a loaner module can be shipped promptly to our customers (subject to availability) – which is made easy by MANTECH system’s modular design allowing for easy plug-and-pay.

Why Wait? Take Advantage of Our Exchange Program

Instead of waiting for your module to be repaired by our team request an exchange module. MANTECH’s exchange program is ideal for:

  • Saving on shipping costs
  • Mitigating downtime
  • Get same year or newer module
  • Guaranteed 6 months warranty on module

Moving or Re-Installation

Are you planning on relocating to another building? Transferring a system to another site or area in your lab? Have a MANTECH representative come on-site to pack and/or unpack your instrument or even connect remotely with our team to walk you through the process every step of the way.

Locate Your Regional MANTECH Technical Representative

MANTECH has entire team of full time Technical Representatives conveniently located throughout Canada and the United States. As our team continues to grow, so does our commitment to provide our valued customers with quick and quality sales, service and support assistance.

Located outside of North America? Find MANTECH’s exclusive distributors worldwide.

[Our MANTECH systems] are well and producing great analytical results that pass our rigorous quality assurance milestones. The technical support team of the company is readily available for troubleshooting and resolving any issues almost immediately, which is indeed a great experience for us.”

– Dr. Uttam Saha, University of Georgia- Agricultural and Environmental Services Laboratories

“Carter and Kevin worked very diligently to get the instruments up and running. They also worked with me to customize the scripts,  report templates, and create CSV files to import to the software and create the runs. I was able to perform a run on my own the very next day. Kevin helped me work out some other details and I believe from now on all will work as we want it. Again, Carter and Kevin were great!!! I am very happy with the service of the instrument and with the technical support I have received.”

– Jacqueline Ramos, Chemist, Lee County

“Thank you for all of your good wishes. We are diligently still working in our lab here at Aqua to keep our drinking water safe (during COVID-19 crisis).  The MT-100 is working hard also as well as the  free ammonia and bod systems. A big shout out to MANTECH for always being there to help me out with instrument questions.”

– Linda Shebby-Tracy, Chemist, Aqua Penna Inc.

“Thank you for the successful installation and comprehensive training on PeCOD! I truly appreciate the effort and expertise demonstrated during the process.”

– Rongyu Yuan, Product Development Specialist, Terragon