PeCOD® Municipal Wastewater Solutions

15COD Municipal Wastewater Solutions

The PeCOD® COD analysis technology is changing the game at wastewater treatment facilities by providing operations staff unprecedented access to COD information in terms of time, accuracy and safety. PeCOD® is a “click and go” system that can be easily used by any laboratory or operations staff member, at any point in time. COD results are ready in just 15 minutes, with no use of dichromate or other hazardous chemicals.

In addition to rapid COD results, municipal wastewater facilities benefit from the exceptional correlation between COD and BOD that the PeCOD® technology offers. The system provides accurate BOD estimates in just minutes and there is no need to wait up to 5 days for BOD results to make critical process decisions.

The PeCOD® COD analyzer can be operated either in a manual mode or a fully automated mode. Incoming waste streams can vary in COD load, often over a short time period. Only PeCOD® can assist in the identification of COD excursions in the incoming effluent which cannot be done when the COD results come back in 3 hours or even the next day. Access to this time critical information can help to avoid biological upsets at the facility and to optimize downstream processes.

PeCOD® COD monitoring can be done by any member of the operations team at any point in time to enable effective plant optimization and performance. It is all about saving time and costs through process optimization, and by avoiding fines to unexpected COD/BOD discharges.

Analysis of COD at secondary stage treatment permits aeration to be optimized and helps to avoid challenges associated with unexpectedly high COD loads, or the cost of running aeration unnecessarily in high “just in case” of a COD peak.

Aeration accounts for half the total energy consumed in secondary domestic wastewater treatment facilities using activated sludge. In a large treatment plant, even a few percentage points of energy saved this way can be significant in terms of cost.

The frequency and intensity of major rainfall events has been increasing over the last decade. These events have a significant impact on municipal wastewater treatment operations in terms of biological upsets and effluent quality. In these situations, access to timely information is critical. PeCOD® is the only COD analysis system that can provide results in just 15 minutes and the analysis can be done by any operations staff member that is on-duty. In the event of a power outage or limited access to power, the PeCOD® COD analyzer can be operated with a battery pack.

Identifying the source of illegal COD discharges can be a challenging and time consuming process. The PeCOD® COD analysis system is simplifying this investigation process for enforcement officers. Lightweight and portable, the PeCOD® can easily be transported in a van or car to investigation sites. The system is easy to operate, does not require dichromate or other hazardous chemicals and provides results in 15 minutes, allowing for to multiple site verifications per day.

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