Online L50 PeCOD® Analyzer

Grab sample PeCOD® COD Analyzer

System Features

  • Automated continuous sampling at specified time intervals
  • Grab sampling
  • Auto calibrations, rinsing, control checks and sample analysis
    • Option for auto pH adjustment and dilutions
  • Direct connection to water line
  • Easy to use software
  • System can be configured to provide alarms or add additional parameters
  • Unmatched sensitivity for COD (sub-ppm)
  • Low cost per sample
  • Complete oxidation of organic species ensures accuracy and reproducibility
  • Able to analyse a wide variety of matrices – including high chloride concentrations

*Discontinued L100 model displayed

MANTECH’s PeCOD® Analyzer provides the fastest available chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis method in the world. It can be configured to automatically grab samples from a low flow line or wastewater tank, at scheduled time intervals.

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