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Space Efficient AM430 Series Autosamplers

At MANTECH, we recognize that laboratory bench space can become increasingly limited. To address this, we’re proud to provide our NEW AM430 autosamplers for use with our automated MT series of Environmental Titration & Multi-Parameter and BOD Pro Analyzers.

These autosamplers utilize the exact same robust robotics as our AM400 series autosamplers but occupy a smaller footprint. Only measuring 21.5 inches in depth, these autosamplers fit comfortably on lab benches of 24-inch depth. With an AM430 autosampler, laboratories can maximize their limited bench space!

Built with robust robotics, these autosamplers feature:

  • Single anchor point = No binding;
  • Self-lubricating axes = No maintenance required;
  • Sealed axes = No trapped dust or debris.

Standard Rack Capacities

Custom racks are also available

15mL Tubes x 99 positions

Placeholder Image (1)

50mL Tubes x 68 positions

125 mL Cups x 20 positions

300mL Bottles x 12 positions

Placeholder Image (1)

Like the AM400 autosamplers, the AM430s are available in 5 sizes, increasing in the x-direction by approximately 11.5in/32cm. Capacity varies depending on racks used.

Sample Vessel: 15mL Tubes 50mL Tubes 125mL Cups 300mL Bottles
Capacity Range: 99 to 495 positions 68 to 340 positions 20 to 100 positions 12 to 60 positions

Comparison of AM400 Series and AM430 Series Autosamplers

AM401 Autosampler

Width: 24.5in/62cm

Depth: 29.2in/74cm

Height: 33.5in/85cm

Capacity (125mL cups): 32


AM431 Autosampler

Width: 24.5in/62cm

Depth: 21.55in/55cm

Height: 33.5in/85cm

Capacity (125mL cups): 20

Systems Configured to Fit Your Needs

Consult Our Team About Your Autosampler Size Options

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