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Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness (DE&I) are all integral parts of what makes an organization and its culture. Here at MANTECH, we strive for diversity, ensuring a safe and valued work environment, encouraging employees to grow and learn. The representation of women within the workplace is essential in the creation of a positive work environment. Currently, over 50% of MANTECH employees are women, ranging in positions of Vice-President, Senior Operations Manager, Software Developers, and more. With the mission of manufacturing innovative water quality analysis systems, MANTECH fosters an inclusive workplace for all. Katherine W. Phillips, the author of How Diversity Makes Us Smarter, describes how an inclusive and diverse workplace increases creativity, diligence, and productivity. Diversity is an essential factor in the workplace to experience teams that produce innovative results, better decision-making, and problem-solving while enhancing creativity. The women that work at MANTECH each bring their own unique experiences, knowledge, and perspective allowing them to complete tasks at hand.

Erin Jarrett, Technical Sales and Service Representative at MANTECH describes her role as the technical bridge between the two, providing on-site services and answering questions. Erin’s favourite part of her role at MANTECH is that she can confidently support MANTECH’s goals and mission, providing the highest quality results, in the shortest amount of time, with green methods. With prior experience working with older methods, Erin appreciates the forward-thinking of MANTECH and describes the PeCOD analyzer as an innovative system that eliminates harmful chemicals like dichromate and mercury. As a woman in the workplace, she feels extremely valued and supported by MANTECH as her input is always desired and acknowledged.

Laura Martin, Environmental Scientist

Laura Martin, Environmental Scientist, describes her time at MANTECH as one that involved growth through experiences. In 2019, Laura started working as a co-op student at MANTECH while studying for her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Guelph. She then transitioned to a full-time position in September 2021. With  prior experience at MANTECH, Laura can assist in multiple sectors from shipping and receiving, manufacturing, and research & development. Since her time as a co-op student, Laura has grown to become more confident in her problem-solving abilities and general knowledge. As a woman at MANTECH, Laura looks up to her female colleagues, fostering growth and encouragement within a diverse workplace, creating a positive work environment.

With the tripling of staff over the past two years, diversity, equity, and inclusiveness (DE&I) will be integral to MANTECH well into the future as we continue to grow.

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