Release Notes


The new MANTECH Pro software is available for purchase with new systems or as a software upgrade from PC-Titrate.

MANTECH Pro is only compatible with Windows 10 or 11 computers. Click here to see the minimum computer specifications required.

Looking to upgrade to MANTECH Pro? Click on Required Hardware Upgrades for more information.

There are multiple benefits to MANTECH Pro, including the following items:

Simple Setup and Installation

  • MANTECH Pro is easy to install and to update when newer versions are released.
    • Windows Update is not required to be disabled.
    • Virtualizing file and registry in User Account Control no longer needs to be disabled.
  • The database is simpler to manage as it is one file to transfer. No need to worry about zipping a database together for emails.
  • The database is compatible to Windows 10 or 11 computers.
  • Setting up the hardware and checking connections is easy in MANTECH Pro. Buret connections and IP addresses can be checked during hardware setup.
  • Connections are set to the computer directly for independent functioning and testing.
  • Manual control can be isolated for each piece of hardware.

User Friendly Software that is Customized to You

  • Shortcuts in MANTECH Pro are customizable. You can upload your own images and organize them under different headings. Changes to saved shortcuts can be done directly on the run table.
  • Changes made to subscripts are applied globally to all relevant main scripts. Subscripts can also be viewed in the main scripts in order to check changes.
  • Creating a new script can be done easily, without a large learning curve. Applications are named similarly to PC-Titrate, which allows for applicable previous knowledge base from the customer.
  • If the connections are not set to the same communication port, PC-Titrate and MANTECH Pro can be run on the same computer without interference.
  • The database and the scripts included are customized to your specific methods and hardware. New features can be added with our software team’s expertise.

Special Features

  • Script actions or shortcuts can be used to link to files or webpages, including training videos or user manuals.
  • Saving changes to scripts and/or templates create Subversions
    • Comments can be written every time the user save changes, and date/time is automatically allocated – Great for Auditing!
  • Alerts can be setup to send over email or text message.
  • Run errors will be explained and highlighted within the script actions, making it easy to troubleshoot any issues.
  • Before a run, the hardware that will be used for that run is homed without the need for a script action. The run does not start if the hardware is not connected.
  • Search function makes it easy to find specific scripts and subscripts.
  • During a run, MANTECH Pro can still be used for other functions, like writing a new script, loading a calibration method, or viewing past runs.
  • Titration stopping criteria can be changed, saved, and applied to the current run without interruptions.
  • Reporting is based off of the most recent run. The search data function can be used to easily find sample details, and data can be saved from the reporting tab if a hard copy is lost.
  • MANTECH Pro will automatically perform Meter Calibrations without requiring the USER to interact with the meter.

Important Notes

  • For customers upgrading from PC-Titrate:
    • Burets must be upgraded from old-style (Burivar I and II) to our new MANTECH Burets.
    • Conductivity meter must be upgrade from old-style 4310 model to our new 4510 model.
  • Burets and Conductivity Meters no longer connect directly to the Interface:
    • Burets will be configured through Ethernet to USB adapter with an associated IP address for each Buret being used.
    • Conductivity meters will require 1-port or 2-port serial to USB adapters (setup will vary depending on system).
  • Regarding MANTECH Pro software:
    • If a computer was not purchased with your system and/or performing a software upgrade from PC-Titrate, click here for instructions on how to configure your database to MANTECH Pro.
  • It is required that the Region and Regional Format settings to be set to US/Canada and English (US/Canada) respectively.
  • To operate MANTECH Pro, administrative permissions are not required to operate the software.
    • Easy access to your database by any user
  • Regarding Email Alerts and Updates:
    • The computer operating MANTECH Pro must be connected to the internet to send alerts and download updates.
      • Alert emails are being sent from [email protected] to either the user email and/or additional emails depending on the alert configuration.
      • Depending on the email system, and/or if emails are sent in rapid succession daily, these alerts may be flagged as spam.
        • It is possible that alerts may be sent to your “Junk” inbox.
      • After updates are downloaded, administrative permission is needed to install the updates.
        • If installing the updates manually, which are found in the Downloads folder on the computer, be sure to close the software before updating.
  • All usernames and templates must be unique. The following examples are edited to “Test” if there are extra spaces before/after the word, and will cause errors if not avoided:
    • “Test”
      ” Test”
      “Test “
      ” Test “
  • Meets 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

PDF Version for download: Mantech Pro Release Notes

For further details, please contact the MANTECH technical team at [email protected].



Gran Alkalinity
– Added Gran Alkalinity method in script action
– Added Gran Alkalinity viewer under Main Window Reporting
– Added Gran details button in Search tool
– Added live results columns and UDVs for gran alkalinity results

Bug Fixes
– Fixed ongoing runs being paused and blocked when viewing reports in Titration Viewer or Calibration Viewer
– Fixed metering pump’s hardware configuration Stop button resetting the timer’s value to 0 and disabling the UI

Robot Improvements
– Added more warning messages and robustness in robot manual control
– Updated robot connect sequence to home each Axis after each connection (in the order of Z, Y and X)
– Increased robot connection wait times
– Added socket exception error handling for robot homing sequence actions
– Updated robot disconnect method to clear all bits in the robot

– Hardware Configuration and Manual Control is now disabled when a run starts


– Fixed queries that were sometimes failing to insert, replace or update data in the database
– Fixed error being thrown when closing manual control while robot is disconnected


Run Table Improvements
– Added “Go to Run Configuration” shortcut button to the Run Table
– Added ability to Drag and Drop rows during a live run table edit
– Added “Insert Above” functionality during a live run table edit

Other Improvements
– The script action’s name updates accordingly when the action is edited and changed
– Added more error handling and clearer error messages for robot alarms
– Added more UI checks in robot manual control to make it more safer and robust

Bug Fixes
– Fixed log file being filled up with mouse errors when right clicking and dragging in the run configuration table
– Fixed windows and font scaling in script editor, CSV report template editor, replay titration and all the data grid view tables
– Fixed Consort Conductivity Meter sometimes receiving invalid readings due to data being lost during communication

– Added a warning message if there were errors retrieving user permissions from the database


– Fixed Peristaltic Pump losing its pump speed settings and resetting to zero after it’s powered off unexpectedly


– Fixed Buret sometimes becoming unresponsive if injection causes the final position to land up around the 25 mL mark (full syringe capacity)


– Added the option to define Endpoint Detection Windows in Titration Methods
– Fixed Serial Robot settings not saving in hardware configuration


– Added robot speed settings
– Updated framework to .NET version 4.8


– Added compatibility with Consort Conductivity Meters and Probes
– Added UDV Editor button in the Equation Editor
– Added DPI awareness to the application to prevent blurry fonts

Bug Fixes
– Fixed conductivity result being overwritten when using conductivity probe as the titration’s temperature source
– Fixed the action editor’s UI scaling issues when changing selection
– Fixed main window shrinking when clicking the Send Test Email button
– Fixed invisible titration method labels in the Titration action editor when desktop background was set to white

– Resized the software update dialogue box to ensure the entire error message is shown during updates


– Fixed reporting action not saving custom CSV reports
– Fixed live conductivity readings that had Multi-Line Fit calibrations applied to it
– Inversed the points used for calculating slopes and intercepts for Multi-Line Fit calibrations of Conductivity and Turbidity


– Reduced Search Tool load time for large databases
– Creating script actions now only uses the default generated name if the name field is left empty
– Added double click functionality in selector forms to select the template
– Added automatic scrolling in Run Table when current running sample reaches the bottom
– Added automatic scrolling in Script Monitor when current running action reaches the bottom
– Added checkbox to toggle the automatic scrolling in Script Monitor
– Metering pump hardware configuration UI is now more robust when switching between flow rate sources

Bug Fixes
– Cancelling export in Search Tool now gives the correct message instead of always showing “Export Completed Successfully”
– Fixed crash when manually clearing the pump selection in Pump/Valve action editor
– Fixed incorrect selection of device when loading a Meter calibration in the Calibration Method Editor
– Fixed error caused when trying to create or edit spectrophotometer action after the device COM port has changed

– Removed newsletter Sign Up option from registration form


Metering Pump
– Added metering pump flowrate calibration in hardware configuration

– Fixed spectrophotometer’s wavelength resetting to default before any partial calibration took place
– Enabled spectrophotometer hardware for all users by default (can still be disabled as a super user)

– Fixed robot action for moving to specific position
– Fixed interface action not reading electrode when Time or Slope stability was selected
– Fixed false calibration warning given for scripts using calibrations that initially failed but passed in the later subversions


– Added spectrophotometer permission control for Super Users
– Added spectrophotometer to Hardware Configuration
– Added spectrophotometer to Manual Control
– Added spectrophotometer calibration method
– Added spectrophotometer script actions
– Spectrophotometer readings now show correct units in live calibration plots
– Spectrophotometer measurements for samples are now saved to the database and can be searched in the Search Data tool

Bug fixes
– Fixed Setup shortcuts not loading correct templates or crashing when quick configuration groups had multiple rows of buttons
– Fixed crash in Run Configuration Column editor when adding column and exporting to CSV
– Fixed Tray File reading for robot positions

– Removed Rack column controls and validations from Run Configuration
– Modified backend for robot actions to use position dictionary and global next vessel moves


– Enabled temperature probe calibration in Hardware Configuration
– Implemented new delta stability algorithm for readings
– Fixed robot’s next vessel move
– Fixed subscripts not running AM400’s rinse moves
– Fixed conductivity delta stability


AM400 robot
– Updated robot homing sequence
– Added validations for Rack columns in the Run Configuration
– Added functionality for inserting Rack numbers in the Run Configuration

Reading stability
– Fixed stability issues
– Added Delta stability options for both millivolts and units
– Added secondary Unit reading in live readings


– Fixed a bug where buret connection closes after a delay of 2 minutes from exiting the software


– Fixed PDF reports created from reporting action
– Fixed default CSV reports created from reporting action


– Fixed report template access being denied
– Installer now unpacks Report Templates in Program Data folder
– Added alert feature, send email notification on run complete
– Added alert feature, send email notification on run error
– Added alert feature, send email notification from “Alert” script action
– Added alert feature, create alert configuration templates (add / edit email list)
– Disabled Relative Standard Error calibration validations and removed it from the replay analysis
– Fixed Real Time Reading showing Interface when MiniHub was connected
– Fixed script editor showing false errors in the UI when digital pumps are added
– Corrected search tool column names for pH, Script ID and Template
– Re-enabled “Titrate – From Data” script action
– Fixed single line meter calibration showing incorrect conductivity results in the data table
– Temperature compensation UI in the Read Interface script action now gets disabled when only measuring Raw mV
– Changed functionality of “Go to Run” button to go to the Run Table instead of just switching to the Run tab
– Added auto export feature for QC Regime, exports the PeCOD’s LED csv plots at the end of each run when enabled
– Fixed shortcuts with no alert configuration causing an exception when clicked
– Fixed alkalinity so that Hydroxide, Carbonate and BiCarbonate UDV values are updated after calculation
– Added Script ID and Sample ID information to the email alert notifications triggered by scripts
– Added warning when trying to add an empty message in the alert script action editor
– Added warning when trying to change direction of a peristaltic pump in manual control when not connected
– The reporting action’s default CSV report export now shows relevant sample information
– Fixed calibrated ISE results reading incorrectly during a live run
– Fixed a crash in Replay Titration while loading a titration containing alkalinity / acidity results
– Added manual control, hardware configuration and script action for AM400 robots
– Fixed a crash while saving Robot Hardware Configuration when neither Serial Robot or Ethernet Robot option is selected


– Fixed CSV report saving action
– Database updated


– Fixed reserved UDV 1028 “Stopping Volume” never being populated
– Added chemistry type to the titration method
– Added new titration report templates
– CSV exports now use Telerik’s CSV export functionality
– Added a “Date Started” label to replay titration
– Added a titration method checkbox for saving undetected endpoints
– Made the Titration Line colors between Replay titration and Live Plot the same
– Fixed endpoint calculations
– Removed smooth raw data from displaying in live plots or replay titration
– Added an option to choose between original or recalculated endpoints when recalculating results
– Replaced Number of Replicates display from Replay calibration with Relative Standard Error
– Fixed replay calibration chart’s x-axis name and unit display
– Fixed the calculations of ISE calibration validations
– Fixed ISE points
– Fixed bug where cancel run script immediately cancels the next run
– Fixed pumps taking volume from run table
– Stirrer values now reset on closing manual control form and disconnecting MiniHub
– Fixed users entering zero as a position in run configuration and added other validations
– Fixed stability checker
– Fixed and optimized stirrer speed. Added a stirrer status update.
– Fixed estimated flow rate in Peristaltic Pump
– Fixed handling priority samples
– Fixed calibration message showing failed even when it passes
– Fixed Priority sample pausing the run when an empty custom column was added to Run Config.
– Fixed run config column filtering. The columns will not auto filter when moved to main Run screen.
– Fixed Peristaltic pump manual control , where set speed would start the pump.
– Fixed Peristaltic pump flowrate estimation algorithm.


– Made the peristaltic pump flow rate estimation more accurate for the quarter inch tube selection.
– Fixed minor issues with the MiniHub hardware setup UI.
– Fixed the Calibrate Flow Rate UI in Peristaltic Pump Hardware Configuration getting enabled when Flow Rate Source is Estimated Flow Rate.
– Fixed bug where peristaltic pump turns on when clicking the Set Speed button.


– Added functionality for the use of the new MiniHub interface.
– Added a pump speed estimation tool for the peristaltic pump.
– Fixed replay calibration so that the line will recalculate when you switch between single and multi-line calibrations.
– Fixed line equation calculation for ISE calibrations.
– Fixed issue where wrong calibration was being used after a calibration action was canceled.
– Fixed issue where robot tray file was not being found in sub scripts.
– Added a sample report button in the search tool to generate a sample report based on the selected run IDs.
– Fixed PeCOD QC regime continuing to stage C when stage B passes.
– Fixed crash when using a titration that has five linked titration methods.
– Fixed crash when reading mV with the wrong analog number.
– Fixed the script editor incorrectly warning about missing standards.
– Fixed linked titrations recording results as zero when the linked titration method has higher smoothing points than the primary titration method.
– Fixed replay titration crashing when it is not possible to apply the number of smoothing points from the titration method.
– Fixed replay titration crashing when selecting the second derivative because the value is not between min and max.


– Added the ability to save tubing size and pump speed in the peristaltic pump hardware configuration.
– Added partial calibration script checks for missing or duplicate standards.
– Added hardware support for a USB temperature probe.
– Removed value limits on numeric up downs in the logic script action.
– Reduced seach tool lag when filtering or selecting samples.
– Incomplete partial calibration data is deleted when a run ends.
– Fixed the “sample is last in table” logic action when all samples after the current sample are deleted.
– Fixed search tool null reference exception if no calibration or titration is selected.
– Fixed issue where software would crash if a peristaltic pump was stopped in a middle of a script action.
– Fixed issue where peristaltic pump would not have the pump volume or time calculated when creating a pump script action.
– Fixed issue where stopping a metering pump would cause the program to crash.
– Fixed issue where running multiple metering pumps would cause connection problems.
– Made estimation of peristaltic pump flow rate more accurate.
– Made the logic digital input action work properly.
– Made the digital output action have an dropdown with all digital outputs listed in it.


– Added the ability to add custom columns to the run results data table, via the misc action.
– Added the ability to have different pump types be used in the same pump/valve action.
– Fixed issue where using a single point conductivity calibration would show an invalid calibration error message.
– Fixed issue where inserting a priority sample would show an invalid column could not be found error message.
– Fixed issue where Hardware Setup would complain about invalid temperature type for the interface when interface temperature was not enabled.
– Updated the hardware configuration page for peristaltic pumps.
– Added a check to see if the connection was successful.
– Fixed a crash when clicking the connect button with no COM port.
– Fixed the enabled/disabled states of the UI based on if the pump is connected or disconnected.
– The pump will disconnect whenever the COM port or selected pump changes.
– Enabled the edit button after clicking the set speed button.
– Fixed unsaved changes not prompting.
– Fixed PeCOD script actions.
– Fixed an issue where stage C and D only executes when stage B fails.
– Fixed error messages and error handling.
– Fixed temperature source being saved when record temperature method is not none.
– Fixed missing dissolved oxygen meters in the device to calibrate list.
– Fixed calibration pass/fail logic action
– Now uses the most recent calibration instead of the oldest.
– Action will now fail if the calibration method has no calibration data.
– Updated every report template
– Added a prompt to update the report templates. Be careful as existing report templates will be deleted.
– Fixed PeCOD report templates containing the wrong data.
– Fixed empty fields.
– Fixed issue where multiple titrations in the same script would result in the wrong values being used in equations.
– Fixed issue where subscripts were not behaving properly within logic actions.
– Fixed issue where logic action analogs and digital interfaces were not being populated.
– Fixed issue where calibration checker was checking multiline calibrations, and actions which had no calibration selected.
– Fixed issue where conductivity meter was being read during a PH only titration.
– Fixed hardware check so it can handle DO meters, and spectrophotometers.
– Fixed hardware check so it can handle else statements.

  • Added a calibration failed notification when a script or method that is using a calibration that has failed is used.
  • Added flow direction to hardware setup for metering pump.
  • Fixed issue where single point conductivity calibrations would sometimes not read properly.
  • Fixed issue where the save current run/sample time so it always saves the elapsed time in seconds.
  • Fixed issue where time between titration times was not working.
  • Fixed UI display issues for the titration method editor, and pump/valve script action editor.
  • The last quick configuration group (the empty one) is no longer considered when checking for empty or duplicate names.
  • When adding a new quick configuration group, the name is retained instead of being overwritten.
  • Removed “BLUE” COD range in the QC regime editor.
  • Cleaned up the test equations window in the equation set editor.
    • It sorts variables alphanumerically and now tells you which variable is invalid.
  • Fixed error handling when PeCOD returns an error.
  • Fixed run ID and sample ID location when resizing the replay titration window.
  • Shortcuts are now disabled when a run is active. Fixed issues where linked titration was not stopping properly.
  • Fixed issue where action editor would crash when inserting a pump.
  • Fixed issues with peristaltic pump Hardware setup.
  • Issue with multiline calibrations all using the ISE formula are now resolved.
  • Run information is maintained when the STOP button is pressed during a run.
  • The baud rate is automatically selected when a conductivity meter or metering pump is selected in manual control.
  • The baud rate comes from hardware configuration. Fixed electrode 1 being enabled when port 1 was selected in the titration method editor.
  • Multiline calibrations are now functional.
  • Fixed issues where stop button would not stop hardware immediately (Except for Buret or Robot actions).
  • When manual temperature compensation is selected in a titration method, the manual temperature value from preferences is now used.
  • Added new Change Pump Direction action (Only works for New Peristaltic Pumps).
  • Fixed custom csv reports populating UDV description. “customdescription|Value” will now appear as “Value”.
  • Fixed script editor bug where edit method button was enabled when a new script was made.
  • Fixed SampleID contains logic action.
  • Fixed Position logic action.
  • Fixed “None” custom column error for titrations.
  • Fixed conductivity stability check box, now values reset to 0 automatically.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling in the CSV report template preview so you can view every column.
  • Changed the columns in the CSV report template preview to resize automatically so text is no longer cut off.
  • Template names that differ in case are no longer allowed. For example, pH and PH is not a unique template name.
  • Date/times should be displayed using the computer’s data/time formats.
    • You can change these formats by going to Window 10’s region settings and clicking on change data formats.
  • Fixed failure to save UDVs when descriptions were swapped.
  • Disabled the robot manual control tab pages when the robot is not connected.
  • Fixed user defined values not being loaded when creating a new database.
  • Other general bug fixes
  • Fixed “None” column error triggered while running Titrations.
  • Calibration logic action is now functional.
  • Fixed CSV report not generating
  • Fixed “arithmetic overflow” error triggering during titrations.
  • Added a save button for alert configurations and save as checks for duplicate names.
  • You can now save equations with no units.
  • Units are required in the calibration and titration method editors.
  • Fixed search tool filtering for calibrations/titrations on the calibration/titration tab pages.
  • Fixed issue where if you started the program as an administrator, you could no longer run the program as a regular user
  • Made the display of Correlation Coefficients to be 4 decimal places.
  • Added fixes for pH temperature compensation.
  • Clean up UI for editors.
  • Updated Peristaltic Pump library for new firmware update.
  • Fixed registration needing double registration.
  • Finished UDV’s crashing while resetting UDV’s
  • Buret manual control: removed ‘other’ radio button.
  • Account inactivity now works.
  • Added a product registration process.
    • MANTECH PRO now requires that the user register with MANTECH their product key in order to use the software.
    • MANTECH PRO now supports automated update checks and installations. These checks can be configured in preferences.
  • MANTECH PRO now supports an account level control system.
    • Users can now be assigned to user roles, which have privileges associated with them.
    • Privileges control which features of MANTECH PRO a user can access.
    • New user roles can be created and customized with a name and description.
    • User role’s privileges can also be modified in order to create a specific set of permissions for different use cases.
  • UDV’s will now auto populate when using them in a message action.
  • Custom columns in run configuration can be added for titration sample volumes, assigning UDV values, and pump dispense volumes.
  • You can now open files and websites using the misc. script action.
  • You can now save an instance of any of the live plot charts.
    • PeCOD calibration plots can now be saved automatically using QC regimes.
  • You can now export search information to CSV files.
  • Added export to CSV functionality for viewing PeCOD data.
  • Added deletion checks for probes, PeCOD sensors, calibration methods, titration methods, QC regimes, equation sets, scripts, CSV report templates, and UDVs.
    • It is no longer possible to delete one of these items if it is being used by something.
    • It is not possible to delete one of these items if it has data associated with it.
      • This restriction will be lifted in a future update.
    • It is not possible to delete subversions currently.
      • This restriction will be lifted in a future update.
  • Multiple bug fixes.