MANTECH Pro – NEW Software for MANTECH Analyzers

  • Installation of Software is Fast and Straightforward.

  • Both MANTECH Pro and PC-Titrate can operate on the same computer with the same hardware

    • Requires PC-1000-1040 model buret

    • Makes transition from PC-Titrate to MANTECH Pro easy and risk-free

  • Calibration Curve Updates in Real Time as Standards are Measured

  • Easy Database Sharing and Management

  • Optimized for Windows 10

  • Full Import/Export LIMS Capability

  • Priority Samples in Real Time

  • Live View of Titration Plots, Meter and Probe Readings

  • User Accounts Tagged to Every Sample

  • Direct Hardware to Computer Connection for Independent Testing

  • Easy to Use Method Editor

  • Complete Audit Trail

  • Intuitive User Interface

  • Shortcuts with Fully Customizable Icons

  • Email Alerts for Run Completion and Events

  • Multitasking Capabilities for Sample Analysis and Review

  • Fully Customized database to your methods and Testing Requirements 

Shortcut Screens

Fully Customizable Shortcuts for Calibrations, Analysis Runs and More

Frequently Asked Questions

In October 2020, MANTECH has released new software called MANTECH Pro. MANTECH Pro is a Lab Automation software that is entailed to operate our MT-systems and PeCOD Analyzers with plenty of features that analysts desire.

To learn more about MANTECH Pro, click here for more information.

MANTECH Pro will only operate on Windows 10 computers.

Click here to view the minimum computer specifications to operate MANTECH Pro.

MANTECH Pro will operate most of the hardware you currently have. The following hardware will require an upgrade:

  1. The old-style Burivar burets will have to be upgraded to our new MANTECH Burets. Burets are operated by an IP address, unique to each Buret, and will require an Ethernet-to-USB adapter we supply (setup will vary by system).
  2. The old-style Conductivity Meters (4310) will have to upgraded to our 4510 Conductivity Meters. COM port connection is no longer on the Interface but rather through a 1-port or 2-port USB-to-Serial adapter(s) (will vary on system setup).
  3. The old-style Turbidity Meters (Turbidity AssayPlus) will have to upgraded to our T10 Turbidity Meters.
  4. Computers Operating System (OS) that is not Windows 10 will not operate MANTECH pro. Minimum computer specifications are listed here.

With the increase in USB connections to the computer, a multi-USB 3.0 hub may also be required.

PDF version for download: Required Hardware Upgrades

PC-Titrate can remain the computer currently operating your system and data can be viewed at anytime. Therefore, your data will not be lost and can be kept on that computer.

Data saved/archived from PC-Titrate will not be able to be transferred onto MANTECH Pro.

Note: To avoid any complications while operating MANTECH Pro, be sure to not use any actions in PC-Titrate that use the Interface, especially during a run on MANTECH Pro.

Shortcuts are customizable buttons that users can create from pre-saved templates generated on Run Configuration table. Shortcuts can have its own unique image and be organized by custom headers.

MANTECH Pro automatically performs a single-point calibration without requiring the USER to interact with the meter. A calibration method will not be required. Before running your calibration script, ensure that the meter settings is configured with your probe.

The following steps will outline how to calibrate the meter:

For Automated systems

  1. Add in your tray file, rinsing, move to tube location and jogging movement steps, prior to the calibration step.
  2. Add a ‘Timing’ action of 30 seconds. This will allow the meter to stabilize the conductivity reading.
  3. Add the ‘Conductivity Meter Calibrate’ action, and select the conductivity meter configured in Hardware Setup.
  4. Complete the script, configure the Run Configuration table, and click ‘Go to Run’ to start the meter calibration.

For Manual systems

  1. Select ‘Misc.’ and type in instructions for analyst to manually dip the probe into the standard solution 3 times.
    • Make sure to let the probe rest inside the solution and click ‘OK’ when stabilization icon appears on the Meter.
  2. Add the ‘Conductivity Meter Calibrate’ action, and select the conductivity meter configured in Hardware Setup.
  3. Complete the script, configure the ‘Run Configuration’ table, and click ‘Go to Run’ to start the meter calibration.

For a full list of possible errors with descriptions and suggested actions, click here.