About the PeCOD® Analyzer Technology

The PeCOD® Analyzer is a patented technology that directly measures photocurrent/charge originating from the oxidization of the organic contamination in a test sample.

The core of the technology is the PeCOD sensor, which consists of a UV-activated nanoparticle TiO2 (titanium dioxide) photocatalyst coupled to an external circuit. The high electrochemical potential of the TiO2 gives it a substantial advantage over the modest chemical potential generated by the dichromate method.

When a sample is introduced into the microcell containing the PeCOD sensor, the TiO2 is irradiated by UV light, and a potential bias is applied. The UV light creates a photohole in the TiO2 sensor with a very high oxidizing power and organics in the cell are oxidized.

PeCOD is extremely accurate across a broad range of organics. The powerful oxidizing potential of UV-illuminated TiO2 ensures that virtually all species will be fully oxidized giving a true measure of COD.

The PeCOD® Analyzer is highly adaptable and has both wastewater and drinking water applications.

Industrial Wastewater Solutions
Municipal Wastewater Solutions
Municipal Drinking Water Solutions
Government and Academic Solutions
14COD Industrial Wastewater Solutions
15COD Municipal Wastewater Solutions
Total Organic Carbon for drinking water treatment is optimized with peCOD
17COD Government And Academic Solutions

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