MANTECH is an end-to-end manufacturer of laboratory, process and portable analyzers for water, soil and food. Trusted in more than 50 countries with 3,000+ analyzers in industrial facilities, accredited laboratories, utilities and more generating 670,000+ results everyday.

Our mission is to generate the highest quality results, in the shortest amount of time, with green methods, using simple and smart analyzers.  As a result, an investment in MANTECH systems delivers fast and accurate results in a sustainable manner to optimize the protection of the environment and public health while reducing costs.






Whether you are running a water analysis system with eight parameters, a fast COD for process control, or something completely different, MANTECH can meet your needs.

PeCOD® COD/Estimated BOD/“Optimized” TOC Analyzer

Using a patented nanotechnology and advanced oxidation process (AOP), PeCOD® accurately measures the organics in water and soil in 10 minutes or less – without the use of harmful chemicals including dichromate and mercury.

PeCOD® customers recognize significant value from getting real time results in the hands of operators to make actionable decisions on process control and optimization while improving workplace health and safety.


MT Automated Environmental Systems

Whether you’re looking to automate eight parameters or perform a single alkalinity titration, MANTECH offers a variety of configurations.

MANTECH’s innovative solutions require small sample volumes which reduce reagent use, bench space, plastic waste and more – delivering sustainability and lowering operating costs.

As an end-to-end manufacturer, our off-the-shelf modular configurations make system servicing and upgrading easy.


BOD Pro Biochemical Oxygen Demand Analyzer

BOD Pro™ systems automate the 5-day and 7-day biological oxygen demand (BOD) analysis methods approved for regulatory compliance around the world.

MANTECH offers automated or manual, sample preparation or only dissolved oxygen (DO) reading systems ranging from capacities up to 90.

Coupled with robust robotics, MANTECH’s advanced BOD Pro™ software is easy to use and is designed to comply with user protocol requirements, while allowing user-defined flexibility.


From the MANTECH Community

The MANTECH Automated BOD system is an accurate and efficient method to process BOD and CBOD. I have found it especially handy with large sample loads. The most impressive part of MANTECH is the irrefutable customer service. If there is ever a question, problem, or any form of maintenance, these are the people I would want helping me.Laboratory Supervisor
Laboratory SupervisorNorth Carolina Utility
What I like most about the instrument is that it allows me to have the freedom to do other things.Laboratory Supervisor
Laboratory SupervisorNorth Carolina Utility
The system gives us a safer environment and equipment, increased capacity, the ability to automatically deliver the dilution water, updated software and better usage of analyst time.Nancy Coglan
Nancy CoglanCity of San Diego
We have purchased a MANTECH system to automate our suite of pH, Conductivity and Turbidity analysis. From industry feedback we knew that this suite is notoriously difficult to automate and the MANTECH system presented a new and viable solution to the problem. Camlab, the UK representatives have helped us from the very outset with the financial justification and there on with the development of our methods and engineering support. The staff, from product specialist to the engineers at Camlab have understood the constraints of our methodologies and have worked with us as a partnership to deliver the high performance we need.A. Rodrigues
A. RodriguesAffinity Water
I worked with three multi-parameter systems running applications such as pH, conductivity and alkalinity. It was wonderful being able to set up my run and then move on to other tasks around the lab. One of the systems often ran for ten hours straight (approximately 750 samples). The MANTECH systems were easy to use and very durable.Holly
HollyOntario Laboratory Analyst
MANTECH instruments used by ALS have proven to be robust analytical solutions, generating accurate and precise results with a low per sample operating cost.Tim Kilmister
Tim KilmisterALS Life Sciences
Our Annacis Research Centre researchers have remarked that PeCOD® produces results very quickly, which allows them to complete research more rapidly. They have also been impressed with the fact that it doesn’t use harmful chemicals, reducing safety risks to researchers and to the environment. They have also found that the PC Titrate equipment is very effective. It gives extremely accurate results, is well designed, and works automatically, saving researcher time. We are thankful to the University of British Columbia and MANTECH for the donated equipment, and look forward to its role in advancing research in the region.Jeff Carmichael
Jeff CarmichaelAnnacis Research Centre
Aurora Water (Aurora, CO) has been analyzing low level chemical oxygen demand (COD), at source and drinking water levels, using the photo-electrochemical PeCOD® instrument as part of Water Research Foundation Project #4555. We are excited to have a rapid method available to determine low level COD, and look forward to further understanding how the information that is gathered may help with operational decision making and treatment optimization.Pamela Benskin
Pamela BenskinAurora Water
I am PeCOD® user, I am happy using your product. I would like to congratulate your team for the approval of PeCOD® method in Canadian MOE. I am happy with your technical support. Thank you.Gunawan
GunawanQatar Chemical Company
The PeCOD® is very user friendly and accurate, Though for me the best aspect of the PeCOD® is how fast the test is! This revolutionary piece of equipment is a fast but powerful way of COD analysis, giving consistent and quality results every test!James Bissell
James BissellBridgnorth Aluminium
Speed of [PeCOD® COD] results creates a more efficient process and really drives clean compliance for us which is critical.Ian Culverwell
Ian CulverwellClean Harbors Guelph
I ran a MANTECH autotitrator for hardness and alkalinity at my previous job. At the time (and it still may be) it was the largest set up in the US. We did our best to run that instrument as hard as we could. As long as we did a yearly PM and kept user error out of the way we were analyzing 150+ samples per day with it. It was one of the more reliable pieces of equipment I ever used.David Smith
David SmithTechnical Specialist at Environmental Express

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