Benchtop L50 PeCOD® Analyzer

MANTECH’s PeCOD® technology provides the fastest available chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis method in the world. The PeCOD® Laboratory Model does not use dichromate and involves no hazardous waste or disposal of reagents.

The Benchtop L50 is MANTECH’s base model for use in industrial, municipal or government and academic lab settings.

Industrial Wastewater Solutions
Municipal Waste Water
Municipal Drinking Water
Government and Academia Solutions

System Features

  • Unmatched sensitivity for COD (sub-ppm)
  • Low cost per sample
  • Complete oxidation of organic species ensures accuracy and reproducibility
  • Able to analyse a wide variety of matrices – including high chloride concentrations
  • Can be automated for multiple sample analysis
  • Capability to add additional parameters such pH, EC, alkalinity, BOD and turbidity
  • Small footprint requires minimal bench space (235 x 375 mm)
  • Simple to operate “Click and go” operation
  • Additional software automation options available

Visit MANTECH’s resource database for more info on COD analysis systems