Method Abstract #119, Alkalinity and Chloride by Titration

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Alkalinity and Chloride by Titration

Method Abstract #119

Scope and Application

This method conforms to EPA Method 310.1, Standard Method 2320 and ASTM Method D 1067-92 for alkalinity and Standard Method 4500-Cl D for chloride. It determines the alkalinity and chloride concentrations from a single sample aliquot

Method Summary

The sample is first titrated with standard sulfuric acid to pH 4.2 and the total alkalinity of the sample is calculated. The same sample aliquot is then titrated with standard silver nitrate until the chloride endpoint is achieved and calculated.

Sample Titration Curves




Method Performance

Example Speciation of Alkalinity

*This measuring range was determined by analyzing laboratory-prepared standards made from sodium chloride and sodium carbonate.

**The Method Detection Limit (MDL) was determined based on data obtaining a coefficient of variance better than 30%.  Results may differ depending on laboratory practices and sample matrix.

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