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Color by ADMI Weighted-Ordinate Method

Method Abstract #138

Scope and Application

This method conforms to Standard Method 2120 F and EPA Method 110.3. It determines the color units (CU) where 1 CU equals 1ppm of platinum. ADMI value is equivalent to CU taking the full spectrum into consideration. Color is used as a general indicator of the quality of water.

Method Summary

This method employs an industry leading spectrophotometer completely controlled by the MANTECH software including automated calibrations and audit trail. Transmittance is measured at 30 different wavelengths and calculations are performed to determine a single value which is compared against a Pt-Co calibration curve.

Sample Calibration Curve

Method Performance

*The Method Detection Limit (MDL) was determined based on data obtaining a coefficient of variance better than 30%. Results may differ depending on laboratory practices and sample matrix

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