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Sulfur in Fuels

Method Abstract #9

Scope and Application

This method conforms to ASTM D3227. Sample types include gasoline, kerosene, aviation turbine, and distillate fuels.

This test is specific in identifying thiol, also known as mercaptans; an organic compound containing a sulfur/hydrogen side chain. Combustion of sulfur-containing compounds in fuel leads to the production of sulfur oxides. These compounds are thought to contribute to aerosols and particulate formation. The detection of mercaptan sulfur is done through a precipitation titration using a dissolved fuel sample in alcoholic sodium acetate as the solvent and silver nitrate as the titrant.


Sample Titration Curve

* Titration curves of samples that contain different components (Annual book of ASTM Standards 2004. Volume 5.01, ASTM D3227, pg.1286)

Method Performance

Data forthcoming.

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