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Audits ensure that laboratories are following proper procedures and can demonstrate that they’re operating according to the accreditations they’ve received. They can also be good indicators of the efficiency of the laboratory. However, unannounced laboratory audits can be challenging for laboratories who don’t have the tools to be audit ready and can lead to unnecessary downtime. MANTECH’s systems help mitigate this challenge!

Staying Audit Ready with MANTECH

MANTECH’s Automated MT Series of Environmental Titration and BOD analyzers automate analyses according to standard methods. Our automated BOD Pro analyzers conform to ASTM Standard Methods 5210B 23rd & 24th Editions, ISO EN 5815, ISO EN 1899-1, 2. For titration parameters our MT Series analyzers conform to EPA, SM, ASTM, and ISO standards.

Both types of systems utilize software packages which enable users to utilize the software for auditing purposes while the system continues to run, no pausing or stopping required. MANTECH’s software packages help laboratories stay audit ready with the following:

  • Historical Data Search
  • Flagging and Color-Coding Report Features
  • User Permissions
  • Analyst Assignment
  • Data Security
  • Built-in Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Preventative Maintenance

Historical Data Search

When sample and calibration reports need to be reviewed, they can be easily accessed by the data search tool on both MANTECH Pro and BOD Pro software while the system is running. Filters further narrow down the search based on date, sample ID, and run name.

BOD Pro Software Data Search

Color-Coding and Report Flagging Features

Depending on the test and requirements of the laboratory, key issues that arise need to be identified to ensure proper action can occur. The flagging and color-coding report features in MANTECH’s software packages make visually identifying these issues easier to share with auditors and show what actions were taken.

For instance, the BOD run table is color-coded and updated live to visually identify samples that are read, re-read, or edited. Comments can be added to provide details for any sample or bottle after the run is complete. In addition, samples are automatically flagged based on not meeting standard method requirements and laboratories can add additional parameters to check and flag as desired. For example, during BOD testing, samples can be flagged if there is a spike in final DO, or if a mid-run probe calibration check fails.

BOD Pro Software Color-Coding
BOD Pro Software Initial Report

User Permissions

Within the software, user permissions can be assigned to ensure that the right people can perform certain actions such as editing reports or runs. This is important to ensure the security and integrity of the data shared with auditors.

Analyst Assignment

Assigning runs to specific analysts is also helpful when searching reports and auditors can get more clarity from the analyst who set up the run if they have any questions.

Data Security

Our software packages are built for Windows 10 & 11 allowing security updates to occur even while the system is running, ensuring data is secure. Additionally, automatic backup and archiving of data can be set up on a user-specified interval to a network location to be accessed during the audit.

Built-in Step-By-Step Instructions

To ensure SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are followed consistently, custom step-by-step instructions can be built right into the software and demonstrate to auditors how the laboratory is operating according to their SOPs.

MANTECH Pro Software Step-By-Step Prompts

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance programs and their reports are important to prove to auditors that the laboratory’s equipment is working optimally. In the software, users can create custom shortcut buttons to make routine maintenance on the system easy.

On the hardware side, MANTECH’s team of local North American technical representatives and exclusive network of international distributors are available to perform preventative maintenance on your systems. We also offer service agreements which offer additional savings on service and parts!

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