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Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Method Abstract #124

Scope and Application

This method conforms to Standard Methods 5210 B 23rd and 24th Editions, ISO 5815-1 (and 1899-1, -2), ASTM D888, and EPA 405.1.  Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) measures the equivalent amount of oxygen required to biologically oxidize organic compounds in water.  It is a key test for determining overall water quality.

Method Summary

BOD involves the measurement of the dissolved oxygen of a sample both immediately after it is obtained (initial DO) and after a period of five days (final DO).  The amount of oxygen depleted by microorganisms during the five-day incubation period is used to calculate the BOD of the sample

Quality Control

Control Chart for glucose-glutamic acid (GGA) standard

Method Performance

*The detection limits are subject to the pre-dilution factor of the sample. The MANTECH system meets and exceeds Standard Method requirements for the MDLs.

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