Method Abstract #99, pH


Method Abstract #99

Scope and Application

This method conforms to Standard Method 4500-H+ B, ISO 10523, NF T 90-008, ASTM D 1293, EPA Methods 150.1, 150.2, and 9040C. It is a measure of the relative acidity or basicity of a solution measured on a scale of 0 to 14

Method Summary

pH is measured directly by a pH electrode that records the voltage difference between the solution and a reference electrode contained within the probe. The voltage measured from the samples is compared to a calibration curve to determine the H+ concentration.

Sample Calibration Curve

Method Performance

*The pH measuring range is based on aqueous samples. The pH range may be expanded to (-)9 – 23 pH units if required.

RSD values are better than those specified in Standard Methods.

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