Automated Optimized TOC using PeCOD Technology

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Almost half of the population of Ontario relies on Lake Ontario for their drinking water. Source water from the great lake must be monitored and protected constantly to ensure chemical and biological agents remain below the accepted limits. Despite best efforts, it is possible that natural organic matter (NOM) can still exist in our drinking water. General methods of determining NOM are by measuring total organic carbon (TOC) or dissolved organic carbon (DOC). NOM can be associated with taste and odour events, as well as disinfection by-product (DBP) precursors. The revolutionary PeCOD® Analyzer technology offers improved sensitivity and range of measurement when compared to TOC and UV254 and is referred to as “simple optimized TOC.” Furthermore, the PeCOD® Analyzer is offered in a benchtop model, automated, and online versions, allowing for automated optimized TOC as well. The PeCOD follows the approved ASTM International Method D8084-17.

This article from the Ontario Water Works Association discusses the importance of regular and efficient NOM monitoring and regulation. The original article can be found here, and the PDF version can be found here.

Author: Laura Martin, Quality Control and Research Chemist

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