Case Study: Eurofins


Since 2008 Eurofins has been using MANTECH systems at various facilities around the world. Their first system ran 200,000 samples in five years. The unit analyzed 7 different parameters per sample and operated 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. This generated €5,000,000 in revenue. Their initial investment was €60,000.

The system discussed in this case study analyses pH, conductivity, alkalinity (speciated), turbidity and absolute color from a single 50ml tube. The cost per sample was 0.91 Euros. After factoring in the non-revenue generating quality control samples, it was revealed that the Return on Investment for this system was only 21 days. With MANTECH’s RapidAlk™ and IntelliRinse™ technologies, and small volume sample tubes, it is the most sustainable and the “greenest” system on the market, as it reduces plastic waste and reagent consumption.


Hourly Labour Rate: €35.00

PC Titrate System Price: €60,000

Overhead Percentage: 50%

Percentage of Quality Control Samples: 25%

Total Selling Price for all Parameters: €25.00



1. Estimated values are conservative. For example, for sample tubes, a cost of $0.15/tube + 10% extra was assumed.

2. Analysis Cost is TOTAL cost for 4-7 parameters per sample using a PC-Titrate TitraSip™ Autosampler.

3. The technician time will decrease if sample run lists were automatically imported from Excel/LIMS

4. Technician time includes an estimate for preparing standards, titrants, etc.

5. Reagents cost vary based on purchasing them versus preparing in-house. Note, purchasing reagents will decrease the amount of technician time required.

6. Additional savings are realized from a decreased turnaround time, improved QC protocol, and the ability to operate unattended overnight.

7. Instrument payback takes into account only revenue-generating samples (i.e., not the percentage of QC samples entered above).

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