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Real Time Chemical Oxygen Demand Measurement

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]IN THIS ARTICLE WE REVIEW THE BLOOM CENTRE for Sustainability study which outlines applications for the PeCOD® Analyzer in the food and beverage sector. MANTECH’s technology has been implemented at an industrial bakery, winery and brewery to provide real time Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) analysis and BOD prediction.

The PeCOD® Analyzer offers a safe, green chemistry method that can be used by anyone. This eliminates the need for trained analytical chemists on staff or an external lab facility. With COD results available in less than 15 minutes, food and beverage processors can optimize water use, wastewater treatment and monitor wastewater discharge. The PeCOD® Analyzer has a proven strong correlation to BOD5; offering an accurate estimation for compliance and allowing operators to react quickly, avoiding costly surcharges.

MANTECH’s inline and laboratory models allow you to detect issues and use the exact same proven method to optimize the solution. With our mercury and dichromate free chemistry installed in over 20 countries, the PeCOD® has delivered successful 15 minute test monitoring of COD, BOD and NOM in a variety of environments with our approved and published MOECC Method. Through our proprietary testing methods our customers are saving millions of dollars by optimizing process efficiency. The PeCOD® technology is supporting the health and safety of their operators while also protecting the environment.

“The PeCOD® Analyzer is very user friendly and accurate, though for me the best aspect is how fast the test is! This revolutionary piece of equipment is a fast but powerful way of COD analysis, giving consistent and quality results every test!”

– James Bissell, Bridgnorth Aluminium


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Automated PeCOD Analyzer running samples on an autosampler for chemical oxygen demand analysis.Biochemical Oxygen Demand Pre-Screening at a wastewater treatment plant