Online COD Analyzer Optimizes Treatment for Leading Pulp Mill

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Online COD Analyzer Optimizes Treatment for Leading Pulp Mill

One of the world’s leading makers of tissue, pulp, packaging and building products adopts online PeCOD® analyzer to deliver real-time COD results for aeration basin optimization. With more than 30 facilities in the U.S. alone, this specific location based in Southeast U.S. generates a minimum of 100,000 liters of wastewater daily. Located at a pump station between two of the aeration basins, this customer installed MANTECH’s MO1000 for autonomous COD analysis.

Monitoring COD (chemical oxygen demand) is critical for keeping the aeration basins operating at optimal levels. Optimization procedures include adjusting certain key functions such as inflow, outflow, and amount of aeration to each basin.

Online Analyzer Delivers Hands-Free Results Hourly

Routine COD analysis would have required an operator dedicated to running out and collecting a wastewater sample at the basin point, then bringing it back to their laboratory for a 3-4 hour analysis via COD by dichromate method. All of which are not ideal for a treatment facility supporting high production mill. By leveraging hourly COD results on a 24hr basis 7 days a week with MANTECH’s MO1000 system, real-time feedback via Modbus communication protocols can be utilized to make timely and effective decisions on how operators optimize their aeration basins and overall treatment.

Moving from Benchtop to Online Analysis

This is a pilot project began with MANTECH’s benchtop PeCOD® analyzer to generate reliable and empirical COD results in 10-minutes or less without the use of hazardous chemicals such as mercury, dichromate, etc. Due to the overall scale of the treatment facility and success of PeCOD®’s actionable COD results, the pulp and paper mill invested in an online PeCOD® system for autonomous analysis, MANTECH’s MO1000. Operators can now monitor the autonomous analyzer from afar, with built-in features for:

  • Set up of sampling intervals, QC checks, calibrations and even on-demand sampling requests
  • Modbus communication protocols
  • Email notifications of results and other actions
  • And much more…

Applications Beyond COD and Pulp & Paper Mills

The PeCOD® analyzer is trusted by 100s of customers in a variety of industries including industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, food and beverage producers, biogas refineries, petrochemical, consumer packaged goods and more.

MANTECH’s MO1000 systems can go beyond COD analysis via PeCOD® with the ability to combine parameters such as ABC titrations for white and green liquors (acidity, pH, alkalinity), kappa number and more into a single autonomous system.

Get Hands-Free COD & BOD Results Today!

Talk to our team about options available for optimizing your treatment processes with online analyzers.

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