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In September 2021, MANTECH discontinued the PC-Titrate and PC-BOD software and related hardware.  This includes the AM73, AM122 and AM97 autosamplers.  Support for all products continues, however, parts will be come difficult to source in the coming years due the supply chain challenges created by the pandemic.  Please note that Windows 10 OS security updates may cause challenges in PC-Titrate and PC-BOD that are outside the control of MANTECH.  These software packages are not supported for Windows 11 OS.  There are new exciting solutions to extend the life of your MANTECH analyzers, and invest in new analyzer with leading level technology available.

In October 2021, MANTECH released the MANTECH Pro and BOD Pro software and new hardware based on IoT technology.  Both software applications are designed for Windows 10 or 11 Pro.  All hardware is now based on ethernet/IP or USB protocols (serial/RS232 has been eliminated).  MANTECH has released Smart software with Intelligent hardware, they talk to each other!

The applications for alkalinity, pH, acidity, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) by the PeCOD method (ASTM D8084), “optimized” total organic carbon (TOC), fluoride, turbidity, ammonia, permanganate index (oxidizability), FOS/TAC (VFA), etc. continue to be supported.  View complete list here.

MANTECH is currently offering incentives to extend the life of your analyzers.  This includes MANTECH Pro software that communicates with discontinued hardware, and trade-in offers for new analyzer investments.  In addition to the accredited environmental and agricultural laboratory market, the new MANTECH products now enjoys users in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, municipal drinking water treatment plants, Biogas plants, food quality control laboratories and University’s.

Recently, MANTECH was selected as one of 5 finalists in the WWF Nature X Carbon Technology Challenge.  This challenge, supported by Microsoft and RBC bank, was to find teams to develop and validate easy to use, low cost, community accessible organic carbon analysis in water, biomass and soil.  MANTECH is already in the validation phase.  We are proud of our team members the University of Guelph and the International Institute of Sustainable Development Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA)

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MANTECH is offering trade-in offers to keep our customers up and running without operational disruptions!

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