MANTECH x IISD-Experimental Lakes Area: Promoting Freshwater Research

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MANTECH has partnered with IISD Experimental Lakes Area to optimize results and protect our environment at the world’s freshwater laboratory. Despite the abundance of research that has been conducted on the impact of human activity on our ocean’s water, very little research has been gathered for such impacts on freshwater. IISD-ELA, one of the world’s most influential freshwater research facilities, is doing just that! In a natural laboratory comprised of 58 small lakes, their team is researching the impacts of climate change, agricultural runoff, water management, and more on freshwater.

Due to their remote location and limited staff, the team at IISD-ELA began looking for ways to bring automated solutions to their research facility and MANTECH’s systems fit the bill! The IISD-ELA are now proud owners of a PeCOD, which is already in use for fieldwork, and a MT100. MANTECH’s analyzers have helped IISD-ELA:

  • Improve efficiency by saving a significant amount of
    • Researchers’ time through automation and;
    • Money involved with sending samples to third party labs, which can be challenging in the remote location
  • Broaden their areas of research
  • Ensure the integrity of their data and;
  • Enrich the learning experience of the students who work in the lab

We at MANTECH felt compelled to join IISD-ELA on their mission to address global freshwater issues and equip their team with the tools to generate the highest quality results, in the shortest amount of time, with green methods. Therefore, in December 2020, we joined IISD-ELA in a campaign to fund new equipment to further their research efforts. As part of this campaign, MANTECH matched a signification portion of donor’s contributions and together raised over $60,000!

We look forward to continuing to support IISD-ELA through this partnership!

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