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Photoelectrochemical Chemical Oxygen Demand (peCOD) Analyzer System Configurations

MANTECH’s PeCOD® Analyzer technology provides chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and natural organic matter (NOM) results in under 15 minutes in a Simple-Safe-Effective manner. The PeCOD® Analyzer is being used in over 20 countries already testing COD, BOD and NOM for wastewater and drinking water applications. With our proprietary 15 minute testing methods, our customers are saving millions of dollars through process and efficiency improvements in addition to improving the health and safety of their operators and protecting the environment.

Our PeCOD® Analyzer can be configured to accommodate laboratory operations, automated sampling or continuous process monitoring.

Download the PDF with technical specifications here.

Benchtop L50 PeCOD® Analyzer

The Benchtop L50 PeCOD® Analyzer is MANTECH’s base model for use in industrial, municipal or government and academic lab settings. It has a small footprint (17” x 13”) and is very simple to operate with “Click and Go” software. Sample prep requires ~ 20 mL of sample, and manually pipetting sample and electrolyte solution in the appropriate ratio. Replicates can easily be run through the software.

Recommendation: This system is ideal in the laboratory to analyze samples as required and to have direct comparison to other sample analysis methods. It can also be incorporated in a carrying case for portability.

  PeCOD Analyzer in a portable case in the back of a car.

*Discontinued L100 model displayed (right)


Automated L50 PeCOD® Analyzer

The Automated L50 PeCOD® Analyzer provides unattended analysis for a large number of samples. The system has the capability to auto pipette, calibrate, dilute, pH adjust, and run quality control checks. The system is extremely versatile, allowing for customization, and add-on’s to increase automation. Additions to the systems can include other parameters, in addition to chemical oxygen demand, such as ISE analysis, turbidity and colour.  The minimum sample volume is ~ 10 mL with the auto sampler utilizing 50 mL tubes or 125 mL cups. There is no automated filtration mechanism with the system, so sample composition would need to be free of large particles before being placed in the auto sampler.

Recommendation: This system is ideal in a lab setting to analyze a large number of samples unattended. The automated PeCOD® can easily incorporate a wide variety of other parameters for water analysis such as pH, alkalinity, turbidity, chloride, and hardness.

Automated PeCOD Analyzer running samples on an autosampler for chemical oxygen demand analysis.

* Discontinued L100 model displayed

Online L50 PeCOD® Analyzer

The Online is an automated L50 PeCOD® Analyzer that allows for continuous sampling at specified time intervals. It can auto calibrate, rinse, run quality control checks and sample analysis. There is the option for pH adjustments if outside the ideal pH range (4-10), and dilution if the sample range and composition is outside of the working limits. It can be placed on a cart for mobility or in a cabinet. The requirements are minimal with sample flow > 10 mL/min and access to deionized water containers. There is no automated filter mechanism with the system so sample composition would need to be free of large particles. However, with the addition of a time delay for settling to occur this could be utilized with higher particulate loads. Our online analyzer also come with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) touchscreen that allows operators more control over the analyzer.

Recommendation: This system is optimal for online applications where there is low sample flow available and when continuous sample data is advantageous.


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