PeCOD Delivers Fast and Accurate COD for Lanolin Processor in UK

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A PeCOD End User in the UK has seen dramatic improvements to their process control and wastewater treatment after purchasing a PeCOD Analyzer!

This company is a lanolin processor for consumer products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, and more. They have a variety of chemical processes within their plant that require precise control of COD. They also perform on-site wastewater treatment to ensure all effluent is within compliance of local bylaws before discharging to the municipal sewer. The company is under watch from their local municipal sewer authority and must keep their discharge below a set limit to avoid hefty fines.

The company has historically used on-site COD measurements for optimization of the plant and ensuring their wastewater treatment meets the local regulations. Prior to the PeCOD, they used the dichromate chemical oxygen demand method which required 3-4 hours wait time for a result, and also required a lab setting with trained personnel to safely handle the hazardous reagents. Even with safety measures, there was still a risk of exposure present with the operators, and more critically the time it took to wait for dichromate COD test to complete meant operators were delayed on responding to changes in the plant, often trying to solve challenges after COD levels had already gone way outside of the set limits.

The company learned about the PeCOD through looking for a safe, quick and easy method of measuring COD. Initial testing of comparison between PeCOD and the conventional dichromate method produced an excellent correlation shown below:


Now with PeCOD, they are using a green method that is easy to use, and even features automated pH adjustment and homogenization all in one convenient package. MANTECH Pro software ensures the most user-friendly experience for operators with easy to understand step-by-step instructions. No filtering is required and the wastewater treatment is now under control!

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