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MANTECH’s PeCOD Analyzer is a revolutionary tool for water and wastewater engineers to use for in-plant process and effluent monitoring, without the need for a laboratory. Sample preparation is very easy and takes roughly one minute, even for high strength wastewater that contains significant suspended solids. In the video below, MANTECH’s CEO Robert Menegotto demonstrates the “worst case scenario” in preparing a sample for PeCOD analysis, where there are solids to be filtered out and a sample pre-dilution required as well.

MANTECH’s revolutionary PeCOD® COD/BOD Analyzer technology provides accurate chemical oxygen demand (COD) or biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) results in 10 minutes — without the use of harmful chemicals including dichromate and mercury. Highly adaptable for both wastewater and drinking water applications, the PeCOD® Analyzer’s patented nanotechnology-based approach to COD analysis will save you time and money while protecting the environment and the health and safety of your workers.

PeCOD is the fastest available method for quantifying COD/BOD, providing operators with real time data needed to make timely, impactful decisions that enhance environmental protection while generating substantial savings on chemical and energy use.

The PeCOD® COD Analyzer technology is a proven performer in a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater applications. Recent studies have shown a strong correlation between the 10 minute PeCOD method for testing chemical oxygen demand (COD) and standard dichromate COD (CODCR) and five-day BOD (BOD5) methods. In most cases, PeCOD can be used as a BOD screening tool, providing accurate BOD estimates in just minutes versus several days.

The PeCOD®  COD Analyzer is available in benchtop, portable and online configurations that are highly customizable. The peCOD system can be configured to accommodate process operations, automated sampling, or continuous process monitoring, combining robust performance and flexibility to suit your analysis needs. PeCOD is the answer when making time-critical decisions that impact public health and regulatory compliance, as well as optimization of wastewater treatment processes and facility operations.

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