Titrations and BOD Analysis in One Economical System

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In today’s climate crisis, environmental laboratories, privately or publicly funded, are experiencing testing demands that are disproportionately exceeding to their budgets, laboratory footprint and human resources. Now more than ever, laboratory managers need to make every penny, square-inch, and analyst count.

Cost-Effective Solutions

MANTECH offers an economical solution packed in a single analyzer. The modularity and highly configurable nature of MANTECH systems allow you to combine your BOD analysis with our MT Series environmental titration and multi-parameter analyzers. The MT Series analyzers can automate several parameters into on system including pH, alkalinity, conductivity (EC), turbidity, fluoride and more (view full list of parameters here).

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How to Make the Most of Your Existing Hardware

Utilizing the same autosampler, you simply switch out the probe holder and place the new rack(s) into the same tray holder. Many of the hardware components for both BOD and the MT Series systems, like our peristaltic pumps for reagent addition and sample preparation, are identical to one another, making preventative maintenance a breeze. Both software platforms, MANTECH Pro and BOD Pro, feature similar user interfaces and can operate from the same computer. This not only maximizes your existing hardware but also streamlines analyst training.

As a leader innovator in the environmental analysis industry, MANTECH’s modern hardware and software allow our system to achieve reliable and accurate results in the faction of the time. Utilizing RapidAlkTM, requiring sample volumes as little as 10mL, MANTECH automates alkalinity analysis in under 4-minutes! Furthermore, BOD initials take a maximum of 90 seconds per bottle (may vary depending on stability requirements) including rinsing probe(s), sample preparation (dilution water, seed and inhibitor (ATU) addition), and dissolved oxygen (DO) reading. Once those initial DO readings or alkalinity titrations have been completed for the day, the analyzer often isn’t touched for hours or sometimes days until the next batch.

Workhorses in the Lab

MANTECH systems have not trouble with being put to work as they are often referred to as workhorses. Some analyzers have been in the market for 20+, including a leading environmental laboratory in Sweden that has been using five MANTECH instruments since 2010 that run 24/7. A customer who recently purchased MANTECH’s latest AM400 autosampler said “The AM401 is built like a tank!”.

Advantages of Combining Your Analyses

Combining your titration and BOD analysis into one system leads to several operational efficiencies:

  • Minimal additional bench space required
  • Forgo the cost of an addition autosampler
  • Increase throughput
  • Train staff on one system
    • Identical hardware
    • Software platforms with similar functionality and features
  • Forgo the cost of an additional computer
  • Easily add more parameters


One System, Endless Configurations

Contact our team today to learn about your options for upgrading your existing MANTECH system or buy a dual system today!

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Note: Additional hardware and software license required.

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