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New MANTECH Turbidity Flow Cell and Method

MDL: 0.1 NTU

Range: <0.5 – 2,000 NTU

Calibrations only required every 1-3 months. STABLE!

Why does MANTECH’s automated turbidity work so well?
  • The sample is mixed to ensure homogeneity
  • The sample fills the flow cell from the bottom to the top. After the sample is pumped into the flow cell, a unique “Clear Bubbles” method is employed.
  • Stability is determined by averaging and %CV! If the turbidity is >1.5NTU, the three successive readings must have CV = <2%. If turbidity is <1.5, three successive readings must have CV = <10%. Process continues for up to 6 repeats at which time the reading is taken.
  • The sample is returned to the sample cup to eliminate dilution effects. The integrity of the sample is maintained, allowing additional parameters to be measured after turbidity analysis is complete.
  • Excellent and stable calibrations; requires stability of CV = <5% for each standard.
  • Using IntelliRinse™, the cell is rinsed until the meter reading reaches a defined value, to a maximum of 6 rinse cycles.
  • Easily add additional parameters including: pH, conductivity, alkalinity, color and fluoride – all of which can be analyzed from a 50mL tube!



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