Water Quality Monitoring with Federal and Territorial Support

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Water Quality Monitoring with Federal and Territorial Support

The Northwest Territories have resumed long-term water quality testing. The majority of testing is monitored at two key sites in Alberta and two in Northwest Territories (NWT).

Long-term testing allows for changes over time to be detected, as well as identifying differences and trends between the Alberta and NWT plants.

Due to government collaboration, monitoring will resume in Alberta at the Peace River of Peace point and Slave River at Fitzgerald. The NWT will monitor Hay River near the Alberta – NWT border and Slave River.

The results concluded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources indicated the prolonged high-water levels have left more suspended sediment in Slave River than past years. The increase in sediment resulted in increased concentrations of metals associated with clay and silt, as well as nutrients such as phosphorus. These spikes occur every spring due to the melting snow but have been amplified this year due to the lasting high-water levels.

The water samples collected are being tested by Taiga Environmental Laboratories then passed on to Government of Canada-designated laboratories for continued analysis.

Taiga Environmental are completing water quality testing with the use of MANTECH equipment. The MT-100 series system measures Conductivity, alkalinity, gran alkalinity, and PH. The MT-100 AM73 system has been a reliable system for Taiga Environmental and has become an integral system to their water quality analysis. The easy to use software and robust robotics provides straightforward testing of samples from water and soil to food and beverages.

MT-100 AM73 : Automated Titration system with AM73 autosampler

The MT-100 Automated Titration systems are also available with multiple other autosamplers such as AM122, AM197, AM354. For more information on MT Automated Titration Systems click here.

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