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At MANTECH, we are continuously striving to lead in innovative water quality analysis systems to generate the highest quality results, in the shortest amount of time, with green methods, using simple and smart analyzers. We are proud to introduce MANTECH’s newest and most advanced software, interface, and automated pipetting package. MANTECH Pro has enabled our team to integrate smart and bi-directional software-controlled components (including the MiniHub, IntelliPump, IntelliDose, etc.) as well as additional features specifically tailored to meet our customers’ needs.


MANTECH Pro Software

MANTECH Pro is a lab automation software specifically designed for our MT Series and PeCOD®. This new software is easy-to-use and includes a variety of features to improve database sharing and management (including LIMS and Windows 10 compatibility), automation of controls and alerts, hardware and software communication, shortcut customizations, and more.

Includes built-in capability for titration (alkalinity, acidity, etc.), pH, Conductivity, ISE, dissolved oxygen (DO), turbidity, color, chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), “optimized” total organic carbon (TOC).  See the complete list here.

MANTECH Pro is available with the purchase of a PeCOD®, MT3, MT5, MT10, MT30, MT100.



The MiniHub is MANTECH’s latest smart bi-directional software-controlled interface. In contrast to past interfaces, the new MiniHub is a fraction of the size (ONLY 5cm x 6cm x 1.5cm) saving valuable benchtop real estate. Despite its compact size, the new and improved interface features a large variety of inputs and outputs to accommodate your system’s specific needs. The interface connects directly to the computer via ethernet.

The MiniHub is available with the purchase of a MT3, MT5, MT10, MT30, MT100.


TitraSip Gen2

The second generation TitraSip is here! MANTECH’s newest automated pipetting is a smart bi-directional software-controlled package that includes the following:

  • IntelliPump – a smart bi-directional software-controlled peristaltic pump
  • IntelliDose – a smart bi-directional software-controlled stepper motor driven, piston-less and valveless metering pump
  • Analysis vessel with stand and drain valve;
  • And stirrer

The second generation TitraSip is only available in the MT100. Automated pipetting allows users to perform two or more titration methods (including destructive methods) from a single sample cup.


For more information on these new updates below visit our MT Series e-Flyers:

MT3 MT5 MT100



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